When Should You Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When Should You Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When Should You Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When dealing with a criminal charge, you will have to seek legal help before you do anything. But most people don’t know whether it is necessary to get in touch with an attorney. Should you contact a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged with a DUI? If you wish to find out more about your situation, you need to get in touch with Stroleny Law, P.A.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to plead guilty as soon as possible if you are dealing with criminal charges. It may look like the easiest thing to do, but you need to consult a criminal justice lawyer to understand your situation. While you may wish not to attend the trial, there is a chance that you could land in prison if you choose to take a plea deal. Jail time may be reduced. But why should you go to jail when you can avoid serving a sentence? Don’t allow prosecutors to convince you into taking a deal before you talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

In the meantime, here are some situations when you need to get in touch with a lawyer:

Law Enforcement Officials are Looking to “Ask You Some Crucial Questions.” 

If you witnessed and wasn’t involved in a felony, you can speak to the police. But it would be best if you still were careful about the statements that you give. The police don’t know what happened, and they need to investigate the crime. An inexperienced police officer could gather the evidence wrongly, and eventually, you will become a suspect. If law enforcement authorities request you to give your statement, find out if you can schedule a necessary appointment with the police officer. 

You need to contact a lawyer and tell him or her what you know and your involvement. If there is information that isn’t accurate, there could be suspicions. That’s why it is vital to contact a professional lawyer if you wish to get your rights protected. 

Attending a Trial is Not Something You Wish to Do. 

This is vital for innocent people dealing with criminal charges. You don’t have to plead guilty if you know you didn’t commit a crime. You can lose your freedom. Also, it would be best if you thought about your reputation. There are situations where going to court could be the best idea. This is when there isn’t enough evidence to prove that you’re guilty. An experienced criminal justice lawyer will assess the evidence, weigh the options and offer legal guidance on what you should do. If you choose to attend the trial, it is essential to hire a reliable defense attorney who will defend you and help you get a fair outcome for your claim. 

Get Protection of Your Constitutional Rights

Maybe you weren’t warned or police searched your property without a legal warrant. When it comes to constitutional rights, there are several instances where they might be violated. And if they are broken, evidence may not be taken to court. If you find yourself in this situation, the prosecutor will lack the evidence to convict you, and charges will be dropped. 

Police Request You to Sign a Release. 

When dealing with the police, it is crucial always to remember one thing. They can’t use force when dealing with you unless there is enough evidence to show you were involved in the crime. Your rights are protected by law under the Fourth Amendment.

You Get Arrested. 

It will be evident that you should hire a criminal justice attorney when you get arrested by law enforcement officials. If this occurs, you should not answer any questions and say that you will not say anything until your lawyer is present. This is essential if you wish to increase your chances of getting a fair outcome. 


If law enforcement officials find you violating the law or have enough evidence to show that you were involved in a crime, they will get a legal warrant to search you and your house or call you to give them personal information. There are instances where police might tell you that they don’t think you were involved in a crime, but they need you to sign some documents. They will do this to get crucial information such as blood tests that might show you were drunk. What you need to do is politely decline and contact an attorney. The police might not have a valid reason to access your information. But if you give them data, it will become fair. Finally, you should contact a criminal immigration lawyer if you have a Visa or a Green Card.