What are the top reasons for dissolution of marriage?



In ancient days, divorce was not common at all. This is an optional way that you would process to end your marriage. Before you decide, it is important to ask yourself if this is the right direction to move on. You may decide to out of anger and regret later why you made the move.

Divorce can be the best option if in your marriage you are facing physical violence, but before you file a divorce case, it is important to try a marriage therapist and save your marriage instead of going the divorce way. Involve your partner while visiting your couple’s therapist. If you are looking for marriage counseling San Francisco has a large and experienced group of licensed therapists and counselors who specialize in couples therapy. Don’t compare your marriage with other marriages. They are all different and you have a personal experience in your marriage, therefore judge your marriage basing it on your personal experience.

Let’s discuss the most top reasons most people are filling divorce case in today’s generation:

  • Physical abuse

If your spouse abuses you either physically or emotionally, stop blaming yourself. No one should abuse you, no matter what. The abuse is both found in men and women. There are some red flags that may help identify any abuse, i.e., Finance controlling, overprotective, destroying your staffs, threating you with words and weapons, Insulting your parents in your presence. But every union is different. Learn your spouse at a personal level or look for divorce lawyers Houston for more advise.

  • No to commitment

You don’t commit yourself to the vows and decisions you make concerning your life. Everyone is in the blame game, works at a personal level, and sees a change in everything you do. Make your spouse the best friend and share everything that is affecting you. Play your role perfectly and everything will fall into place. Share your financial goals and struggles, hardships and work them out together. Your mind will lie to you that leaving disagreements unattended is the simpler way of leaving, but this is a lie. Confront every fear you have and discuss them with your spouse.

  • No communication

Did you know that communication is transferring information from one person to the other? Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Many of us dwell in verbal communication, which you will conclude my spouses are rude. They love arguing, but when you are still silent, you are communicating with how you look at your spouse, and through your physical actions. Work out on your mode of communication and your marriage progress will awesome.

  • Infidelity

When you go out of your marriage agreement to find satisfaction, know you are putting your marriage into a divorce risk, whether you want to get satisfied emotionally, sexually. You should meet every need you have within your marriage boundaries. If you have anger and resentment that you have not settled, you have set a bomb in your marriage that will explode soon. Forgiveness in your marriage will rekindle back your love.

Having discussed the above, we can highlight other cause of divorce, which include: Financial problems, Fake expectations, unplanned/early marriages and lack of intimacy. If you are not sure of your marriage state, you can contact divorce lawyers Houston for more information.