Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma – Forms, Procedures and Step-by-Step Instructions

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma - Forms, Procedures and Step-by-Step Instructions

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma – Forms, Procedures and Step-by-Step Instructions

Finding the paperwork involved on your own can be daunting when you’re wanting to file for an uncontested divorce – meaning a divorce in which the partnering spouse agrees consensually to get a divorce from each other. What’s even more important to know is that if you don’t have the right instructions on how to do this in Oklahoma, you may end up wasting time and money by hiring a lawyer when they don’t need to. That’s where uncontested divorce Oklahoma forms and procedures can come into play. They can get you the best support during this troubling time to make the transition as smooth and as quick as possible. In this little guide, we’re going to show you how easy it is!

It Only Takes Four Steps

One thing you can realize is that it is a simple 4-step solution to getting an uncontested divorce. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out the Dissolution of Marriage paperwork, take it to the Public Notary and get it notarized.
  2. Make 3 copies of the Dissolution of Marriage and file your petition at your County Clerk’s office – tell them you want to file for a divorce. This gets the ball rolling.
  3. After 24 hours (and ONLY after that due to Oklahoma state law), you can have your spouse sign the papers. Also, make sure that you take any other documents that haven’t been filed back to the court clerk as soon as you’ve been given them.
  4. See the judge and get your divorce finalized!

Do I Need Legal Advice?

If you need legal advice, then you need to hire an attorney. In most cases though, a good mediator can avoid this by getting both parties on the same page. However, it is common for the spouse to want to contest it at first. That’s actually where a mediator’s specialty comes into play. 

They can speak with both you and your spouse and help you get on the same level – often providing a peaceful way to compromise the situation and get the spouse ready to agree on things. They’re very good at helping the angry spouse to realize the costs that are often involved, and how it can harm the family overall (in the case of having children being in the middle of things). The best express contested divorce service offers mediation that can save you and your spouse the money, the time, and the stress that contesting a divorce can often cause – and they often have successful results in almost every case.

Are There Requirements for Residency?

Believe it or not, the petitioner is the only person in most cases (unless the divorce is being contested) that actually needs to show up to court. By doing so, and having their spouse sign a good waiver, they can make it so their spouse can go about their lives and the divorce will be finalized just by the petitioner showing up.


The best mediation services in Oklahoma is by far Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. They have one of the highest success rates in family and divorce mediation, and they’re able to help resolve disputes almost every single time – saving you the trouble of lawyer fees and additional costs.