Sideswipe Collisions: What to Do After a Crash?

Car Accident

Car Accident

A sideswipe collision occurs when vehicles bump into the side of each other when driving in the same direction. A collision occurs when a car drifts to another lane already occupied by another vehicle. This type of collision also causes injuries and damage. Below are the first actions to take if you are in the situation.


Slow down and park at a safe spot on the roadside where another vehicle is unlikely to hit your car from behind. Check if you and any passengers in your vehicle are injured due to the collision impact.

If it is safe to move out, check the conditions of the driver and passengers in the other car. Help them out only if they are in imminent danger. Immediately alert emergency services about the condition of accident victims. It is also important to inform them even when there are no injuries.

Put warning triangles at a reasonable distance in front and the back of the vehicles when the situation is under control.

Seek Medical Evaluation

Attention by a doctor is essential after accidents. Go for treatment quickly as possible, even if it means leaving the scene. The police and adjusters will collect details to determine the at-fault party. You can stay at the scene until you sort out things when you do not have injuries or feel pain but get a medical evaluation later. You might be having internal injuries that the physician can identify. An examination report shows the extent of injuries and provides data to use when seeking compensation.

Document the Scene and Other Collision Information

Document the scene because the information will help you to seek compensation or provide evidence if there is a dispute about the at-fault party. Here are some of the ways to collect information about a sideswipe accident.

  • Photograph the scene from different angles showing the damage on vehicles, license plates, and your injuries if injured in a sideswipe collision.
  • For accuracy, take a picture of your driver’s license, or another identification document.
  • Write down the contact information of the other driver, witnesses of the collision, and responding officers.
  • Keep documents relating to a collision, such as police reports, medical reports, and bills, in a secure place

You can secure all the gathered information securely by sending it to your email in case of a phone or data loss.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney

Do not admit fault because it might be a plan not to compensate you. An auto attorney gathers the evidence to refute claims of your responsibility if you are innocent. The auto accident attorney also determines the compensation you should receive for car damage and other expenses due to the collision. An attorney will negotiate, so coverage adjusters do not reduce your compensation and represent you if the matter progresses to a jury. Ask your attorney to send you an auto accident attorney if you do not have one.

Notify Your Auto  Company

It is essential to notify your car coverage company about the accident when you are at fault or not. It is a part of policy requirements. After all, the company is likely to receive a call from the lawyer or insurance agent of the other car. Failing to notify your coverage agent on time might jeopardize coverage.

After taking the above crucial steps after a sideswipe collision, follow up the case with your lawyer and coverage agent for a speedy conclusion.