Filing an L&I Claim in Washington State: Consult an attorney



Workers in Washington State are likely to be covered under the no-fault workers’ compensation system. Employers are required to have L&I coverage for both full-time and part-time benefits. If you get injured on the job, you may file an L&I claim. Like most other workers, you may have any questions in mind, such as – What Do I Need to Do to File an L&I Claim? Do I need to hire an attorney? In this post, we are sharing answers to some of these basic questions.

Steps to take after an accident

Injured workers are expected to take immediate action right after the incident happens. You can report the incident to your supervisor or the employer directly. Complete the SIF-2 form, which is basically the report of the accident. You have the right to choose your doctor, so select one and ask them to complete another report, called the Providers Initial Report. Filing an L&I claim doesn’t have to be hard, many workers, who are often distressed after an injury, are likely to make mistakes.

Check the deadlines

If you have an industrial injury claim, you should consider filing your claim with L&I as soon as possible, as the deadline is just one year from the date of the accident. In case you have an occupational disease claim, you should file the same within two years, from the date when your doctor gives the diagnosis in writing. Keep in mind that occupational disease claims can be complicated.

Reasons to Hire a lawyer

While filing an L&I claim is not complicated, people do make mistakes all the time. Also, there is a high chance that you won’t agree with the L&I decision. If you believe that L&I didn’t give you the benefits that you were entitled to, you can choose to file an appeal or a written protest, for which the window is limited to 60 days. Working with an experienced and skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand a bunch of things. They can guide you on the process and take over the paperwork and due steps so that there is no unwanted mistake in your claim. They will also help with filing an appeal, in case you are not happy with the decision of L&I claims adjuster.

Check online for best lawyers in Washington State for workers’ compensation claims, and before you hire one, do check their credentials in depth and ask relevant questions.