FCE: What Does it Mean for My Workers’ Compensation Case?

FCE: "Functional Capacity Evaluation"

FCE: “Functional Capacity Evaluation”

FCE is a short form of “Functional Capacity Evaluation”. During workers’ compensation claim, there are several reasons you need to be aware of at all times (not the least of which is your physical and mental health as well). Many other factors can affect your health.

These include financial worries, job pressure, medical expenses, family stress, and even job pressure. A workers’ compensation claim is one area that clients often have difficulty with. FCE is a basic part of this process. It can be long and exhausting. So what is FCE? What does this evaluation mean in my case for workers’ compensation case?

FCE Stands For?

FCE stands for “Functional Capacity Evaluation”. But what does FCE mean in detail? The comprehensive medical assessment of a person’s safe, functional tolerability and physical limitations related to work activities is known as Functional Capacity Evaluation.

The medical evaluation usually includes a series of tests that assess the worker’s abilities and restrictions. These tests might include the following:

  • Variable range of motion
  • stamina
  • and your ability to carry items
  • Physical strength
  • Ability to increase flexibility


It is impossible to beat an FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation). Therefore, specialists advise their clients to do their best and be honest with their physicians about how they feel during testing. As they have said, an FCE usually signifies that your claim is over, and settlement talks will commence shortly. An attorney is an excellent idea to help ease the stress of workers’ compensation case.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to take each test seriously. FCEs (Functional Capacity Evaluation) are intended to reveal if you have falsified information or failed to give your best effort. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation signify that you are at the end of your treatment. The doctor will send you back to work with or without restrictions depending on what the FCE report says. 

After the FCE is complete and the report has reached the treating physician, the doctor reviews the FCE reports with you. It is important to tell the doctor how you felt during, after, or days after the testing. This will allow your doctor to understand how you felt long after the FCE was completed.

Injured workers may find it frightening to be required to complete an FCE “Functional Capacity Evaluation”. If you have not hired an attorney at this point, they would suggest you look into doing so. The doctor can write you back for whole duty, work with temporary restrictions, or work with short-term restrictions depending on the results.

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