Best Companies for Legal Translation Services 



Lawyers and law firms rely on the services of translation companies and translators to carry out certain aspects of their legal duties. For example, a business lawyer or a lawyer specializing in contract law will need Legal Language Services when working with a client who wishes to expand their business to other regions, whether through acquisitions, mergers, or other legal means. The legal translation industry has grown over the years and has facilitated many businesses on their mission to expand across regions. More than this, a criminal lawyer may also require a legal translation service. Criminal lawyers representing or building a case against another party may need records in a different language to be translated for the court’s use.

Owing to the sensitivity of the legal field, it is understandable that lawyers and law firms seek out only the best translators and translation companies to handle their needs. However, choosing the best translation services can be tricky. Below are some tips to help you identify the best companies to work with for your translation needs.

Choose Translators or Companies That Have Clear Knowledge About Legal Translation Services

There are different aspects of translation. There is medical translation, legal translation, and other types of translation. When selecting the best company for your legal translation needs, you need to look out for companies or individuals who know what legal translation is and the complexities of the legal field. Hiring someone who does not understand the rules guiding legal translation may put you in a lot of trouble. An experienced translation agency will know what information must be translated and the ones that should be left in the original language.

Have an Understanding of the Law, Not Just  the Language

One of the biggest mistakes some people make when hiring a legal translator or a legal translation company is focusing on the wrong thing. While the native-level knowledge of both languages you are translating from a to is required, you should also note that law knowledge is equally important. A person handling your legal translation needs must have a deep understanding of the law as this allows them to present information in the right tone and context. In the legal field, a change in tone or context may be a significant decider. You do not want a translator that will change the entire context of your legal document because they lack the appropriate legal knowledge.

Speed of Translation

If you are on a tight deadline, you are interested in getting back the translated copy as fast as possible. A company that qualifies to be called the best in the translation field should work around your turnaround time and provide the necessary feedback in time for what you need the document for. When selecting a translation service provider, be sure to ask what their average turnaround time is. You should also ask if they offer expedited translation services and how long it would take to complete.

Experience Matters

A legal translator or a company that has been in the industry for years is more likely to offer a better service than one that has sprung up a few weeks before needing the service. You can always count on experience to help shape the outcome of the translation service. A person who has been translating legal documents for years is more likely to know what to translate, retain the original language, and in what context certain words and terms are used.

It is advisable always to choose a company with years of proven experience and a successful track record of delivering amazing translation services. Doing this will significantly improve the quality of the outcome as well as your peace of mind.


With legal documents, confidentiality is key. A translation company that is vying for the top position on your list should have a policy that helps them to protect the information contained in documents to be translated. To ensure complete confidentiality, the translation company should have measures like a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place for all staff members.

Having considered these key factors, below are some of the best companies to hire for your legal translation needs;

  • Multilingual Connections
  • Day Translations
  • TransPerfect
  • The Translation Company
  • GTS Translations
  • Speakt
  • Mars Translation
  • Translation AZ
  • Tomedes
  • Straker Translations

All of these companies offer legal translation services and focus on client satisfaction.