8 Reasons You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

We’d all prefer to go through life problem-free, but the reality is usually somewhat different. The trick to getting past these difficult times is identifying the resources to help us best weather the storm and get back on track. What or who those resources are depends on the situation you find yourself dealing with. A personal injury lawyer is one of the resources people can turn to in times of need, and if you need clarification on whether it’s the right option for you, the following information will help provide clarity.


Unless you are a legal specialist, dealing with the fallout of an accident is a minefield for the average person. If you’re injured in an accident, taking on the services of a personal injury lawyer gives you access to legal expertise. Rather than trying to navigate the system alone and ending up with little or no settlement, you’re in the best place to receive satisfactory compensation.

As with all service providers, not all lawyers are the same, so canvasing trusted family and acquaintances for recommendations is a great starting point. Most injury cases settle without resorting to a court case, saving time and legal fees, so looking into their track record will tell you how good they are at negotiating. Looking at a few firms will let you compare win rates and the average size of the settlement, letting you make an informed decision as to which law firm has the best expertise for your needs.


Not all accidents and incidents are the same, meaning not all personal injury cases are the same. The resolution to a slip in a commercial premises looks different from a dog bite case. Hiring a P.I.L. ensures your case gets dealt with in a manner appropriate to the circumstances. Lamber Goodnow Personal Injury Lawyers in Phoenix have a variety of specialists who understand how to ensure the best result for their clients.

Laws vary by state; hiring a local law practice gives you direct access to someone who knows the local legal system. For people who have moved around, living in different states, tapping into this specialist knowledge is essential. A passing understanding of how things work elsewhere (perhaps a good friend went through something similar) could get you in trouble if you try to self-represent in your new home state.

Time To Recuperate

When an accident results in severe injury, you must focus on recuperating rather than dealing with legal papers. As there is often a time limit on filing documents and medical bills that can mount up fast, a Personal Injury lawyer can step in and take care of it for you. Your lawyer will advise on any tests or paperwork that you should follow up on, which aids recovery and ensures a timely settlement. Having your injuries attended to promptly has the additional benefit of providing the necessary medical history for your case.


Understanding your legal rights can become confusing, especially if you’re also trying to concentrate on medical information. Your P.I.L. is there to help you understand the legal jargon so that you’re fully aware of your rights. Any time something you’re unsure of crops up, they’ll clarify the situation and make sure you comprehend what’s happening. Using this fount of knowledge is especially useful if you’ve had previous legal undertaking, as what you learned then isn’t relevant in this situation.


Understanding which information is required to settle an injury claim, a P.I.L. is the best option to ensure that all information is correct. They will gather information about the accident and liaise with the insurance company for their input. In this way, your lawyer can accurately corroborate the data to ensure the complete picture of events is known. Without corroboration, vital evidence could get missed causing severe ramifications to your case and recovery.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

One of the main reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer is that they understand alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR is a method of resolving disputes outside of court, such as mediation or arbitration. ADR can save time and money in comparison to going to court.

Communication And Follow-Up

Legal cases often move slowly, leaving those involved feeling nothing is happening. Your personal injury lawyer acts as a go-between between their clients and third parties such as insurance companies and courts. They will reassure with updates on the status of proceedings, giving an easily understood explanation. In the case of clients having1 limited resources, forward-thinking law practices will provide clients with tech that enables efficient communication.

Similarly, if things are moving slower than expected, a P.I.L. is best suited to follow up and get things moving again. This ability is essential when they have clients who are depending on a settlement to cover expensive medical bills. Stress is known to slow recovery from illness and injury; you’re paying to remove additional stress at an already difficult time.

Payment Upon Settlement

Unlike other stressful situations that require enlisting the services of a lawyer who demands payment upfront, in the case of injury resulting from an accident, P.I. lawyers generally work on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, you can concentrate on getting medical help and recovering without the additional worry of paying for legal representation. If you don’t win a settlement, there’s no payment; if you do, your personal injury lawyer takes an agreed percentage. So, it’s in their interest to do their best for you.

If you find yourself suffering injuries as the result of an accident or incident, don’t try to navigate the fallout alone. There are many reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer allows you to focus on recuperating. The knowledge that an expert is working on the financial remuneration of medical bills and loss of earnings is invaluable.