5 Common iPhone Issues and Their Solutions



Apple is, no doubt, a leading smartphone manufacturer and knows what its users want. Over the past few years, Apple has brought many changes in its phones with series 10 and 11, and none fails to satisfy the users when it comes to quality and performance. As being studied, people spend about 3 hours and 5 minutes on a smartphone on average daily. Why? For many benefits – from entertainment to communication and even productivity. So, we are kind of dependent on these small devices, and Apple is aware of it. That’s the reason every new smartphone from Apple is the best from the previous version in terms of features and working.

Considering that a majority of people nowadays love using the iPhone, this statement holds true. Nonetheless, it is a known fact that technology is not a perfect thing or solely reliable which leads to its own set of issues. The same thing can be said about the iPhone. It often happens because of our strong dependency on technology. But, don’t worry, problems always come with solutions. However, if you’re problem isn’t mentioned in this article then you can also check out techbrowser.co for more tech-related questions and queries. The following issues are the most common with iPhones, and most iPhone users have encountered them. Let’s check these 5 iPhone issues with their solutions in case you are experiencing one.

  1. Black or Frozen Screen:

It is quite common with most iPhones and is annoying. What happens is that your phone gets a blacked screen even when you turn it on, it shows no light, no visibility, nothing at all. You fail to receive any call when the phone is ringing, but you just stand there as you can’t pick up because of a black or frozen screen. It usually occurs after a firmware update or an iOS update. It could be both the result of hardware and software problems, but more precisely, it is because of a software crash.

What to do?

The following instructions can be followed to bring your phone back to life from a black or frozen screen.

You need to Force Restart your phone, don’t worry, it won’t remove the content in the device.

  • Press the volume up button and then release it quickly.
  • Press the volume down button and then release it quickly.
  • Press and keep holding the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  1. Forgotten Password:

So, you cannot unlock the locked iPhone as you have forgotten the password. Don’t worry it happens with most of us as remembering passwords seems the world’s difficult task. In such a case, if you keep on trying to enter the wrong password, after a few attempts, your phone becomes disabled for a longer duration, and even after you fail to recognize the password, it won’t allow you to enter the password again.  So, how would you unlock it? Here’s a solution.

What to do?

All you need is a computer your device has previously been synced with. You can restore everything with iCloud and iTunes after resetting your password. But if you use another computer, you can unlock the device, but sadly your data will be lost. Alternatively, you can use Siri to unlock your phone.

Also, you can even go on Settings, then General, and then Passcode lock and enable this option; in this way, your device would erase itself after you enter 10 consecutive incorrect passwords and help you in future correspondence.

  1. Battery Drainage:

Many people reported as the battery drainage being one of the common issues with iPhones. This problem usually arises after your phone gets an iOS upgrade (esp. iOS 10.2). Check your phone for how many times it needs to charge. If this is happening once every few hours, it means your phone’s battery is getting weaker day by day.

What to do?

The best way to overcome this problem is to turn off all those apps that you don’t use. Another way is to go for factory reset, but keep in mind that it results in data loss if your phone is not on backup. Also, uninstall apps like Facebook and YouTube and access them through browsers.

You can turn your battery on Low Power Mode (Settings > Battery), it will help in increasing the battery life. But what are the odds? Mail fetch, Hey Siri, Background app refresh, automatic downloads, and visual effects would find some glitch. You can always turn any of these off individually if they seem useless for more battery consumption.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The next big problem is no or improper wi-fi connectivity. Many iPhone users, after updating their phone to iOS 11, complaints of poor wi-fi connectivity. They say their phone cannot connect to the personal wi-fi network. It could be because of many reasons; improper functioning of a router or even with your phone. Don’t worry this problem is fixable.

What to do?

The first thing you could do is to switch off and then restart your iPhone. Press and hold the home button and lock button altogether until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen. After being restart, your phone must connect to the wi-fi, but if still, you face the same issue, go to Settings and then Wi-fi. At the end of the page, you will see HTTP proxy, enable it to auto settings.

You can restart the router for 30 seconds and make sure it has updated to the latest firmware. Your router must support the Apple product. Next, you can also do Reset Network Settings in the Settings option and try again for a wi-fi connection. In case no results are seen, update your phone to a newer version or restore the previous version.

  1. Water Damage:

If your iPhone gets water damaged, chances are you would fail to turn it on, and you might even lose your iPhone data. Also, you see that Apple doesn’t offer any help in case of liquid damages in the one-year warranty. However, the new iPhone versions like iPhone 7 are designed as water-resistant and can withstand water damage.

What to do?

First, remove the case and accessories and immediately remove the SIM card. Keep it power off and try rubbing your phone with a towel. Use swab for drying the ports. You can even use silica gel sachet for drying purposes for 48 hours or directly put your phone in a warm and dry place and let it expose all the liquid on its own.

After that, if you see any potential data loss, don’t be stressed. If your phone is on the backup, you can easily recover photos, videos, audios, contacts, etc., from iCloud or iTunes, or else you can use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

So, I hope we have covered all the major and common issues reported with iPhones and what you can do immediately for that. Keep Apple-ing!