How to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage?

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

According to a survey, the first thing that a majority of people do in the morning is to check their mobile phone applications for new notifications and messages. Aren’t we all riding the same boat? Every one of us is hooked to our phones throughout the day. We are constantly using the internet whether we are watching a movie, posting our pictures, video calling a friend, or just randomly scrolling down our Facebook feed. In such times, we struggle to control our mobile internet data usage not only to avoid extra charges but also to improve the battery life of our smartphones. 

After thorough research, we’ve outlined the following steps that can help you limit your mobile data usage. Walk with us through these steps and voila, your problem will be solved in no time.

Use a Wi-Fi connection 

A Wi-Fi connection gives you the perfect solution to save up on your mobile data. Nowadays, everyone has a Wi-Fi connection installed at their homes and offices from the likes of providers, such as Cox internet. Keep your phones connected to the Wi-Fi connection and enjoy being online without any worry. 

Internet technology has developed to such an extent that even public places such as restaurants and cafes provide free Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s like someone is offering you a free meal, and no one says no to a free meal, right? Remember to connect to such Wi-Fi hotspots rather than eating away your mobile data package.  

Rely on Wi-Fi for Downloading

There is a feature in our mobile phones that allows us to download only we are connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Be wise and use it. Downloading a game, a video, or a song on mobile data drains your entire plan. You can save up on so much data by following this simple step.

Turn on the Data Saver Mode 

Most of our phone apps have a data saver mode that keeps the usage of mobile bandwidth in check. Are you a little confused? Let us explain. Mobile applications have this option that automatically dials down the quality of images and web pages, which helps you save data. If you don’t find this model on your smartphone, you can download data-saving apps that are designed especially to help users reduce their internet data usage. For example, Opera Browser has unveiled Opera Turbo mode that compresses the image quality and helps pages to load faster thereby, enabling you to enjoy all the site’s functions while reducing your data usage to a great extent. 

Use Standard Definition while Streaming Videos

If you are watching your videos in high definition, forget the idea of surviving the month on your limited data plan. Streaming videos in HD is the basic mistake that makes you lose your monthly internet package in one or two weeks. One hour of HD video streaming uses about 2GB of internet data, just imagine how much data usage you could reduce by streaming SD videos. 

Store Maps on Wi-Fi

Google Maps are used globally to find locations via GPS technology. If you have a propensity for losing your way, they prove to be a sure blessing. However, they drain your mobile battery quickly and also use a great amount of internet data. The best possible solution is to use offline maps. Google Maps allow you to download the directions of certain locations which you can easily access without the internet. Hurry up and save your data package just by following this easy step. 

Limit Background Data

Did you know that your apps consume data even when you are not using them? Apps eat up mobile data to occasionally provide you with notifications, for example, a new email or a Facebook update. When you turn off the option of background data, you will have to open the applications to get these notifications but it will help you reduce your mobile internet usage to a great extent. You should also turn off the automatic syncing of applications on your mobile phone. Furthermore, remember to close all the applications after using them to avoid additional data usage. 

Stay Offline 

By staying offline, you can not only reduce the usage of your mobile internet data significantly but can also enjoy some exhilarating moments with your loved ones. Sadly, we are so immersed in these social media applications that we hardly find time to pursue a new hobby, such as reading a new book, painting, or learning to bake. Let’s stay offline and try different activities while reducing our internet data usage simultaneously. 

Wrapping Up

With the help of these tips, you don’t need to panic about incurring extra fees for your mobile data usage. You can certainly survive without hitting your data caps by following these steps.