Best Website to Compare Internet Plans

Best Website to Compare Internet Plans

Best Website to Compare Internet Plans

The internet is the modern marvel of technology and the elixir of life for the world we live in today. These statements are not farfetched and for some individuals, the internet holds as much importance as the air they breathe in. But this wasn’t always like this. It was quite a long journey for both the users and the internet to come to the point at which it stands today. That’s because even after its invention, the internet was only used for sensitive and important tasks, unlike today when it’s used for things like streaming videos.

The earliest form of the internet originated back in the 1960s with the likes of ARPAnet, which was the information wing in the department of defense that made a network to share critical and sensitive information. This was the basis of the internet, so, following suit many other countries, governments, and universities introduced their own sets of networks in the wake of this technology.

However, all these networks were present but they were segregated and only limited to certain high profile entities like government offices, militaries, universities, and high profile organizations. The internet started penetrating the general masses way after its creation in the 90s and that became possible with the launch of the world’s first internet browsers by Microsoft and Netscape, namely Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, respectively. This allowed regular PC users to experience the world of the internet for the first time.

Regardless, the internet landscape was also barren for early users because there were not many websites, and the only ones were developed by the creators of the browsers, so their applications could be used to access these resources. However, slowly and steadily, people started realizing the potential of the internet in terms of applications and the wonders it could do.

Internet in Today’s World

It was not long that more and more people started investing in the internet and developers started making websites and slowly the internet shaped into its current form that is loved by all of us. Speaking of the current state of the internet, there are almost 1 billion websites that are up and running and almost 4.66 billion active users of the internet, which is half of the world’s population. These stats are enough to show the popularity of the internet but there are quite a few reasons behind this growth.

The internet started as a means of communication due to it being cheap and reliable compared to other means of communication like telephones. The internet has effectively bridged the gaps and made the world a global village through features like video conferencing and voice calling thousands of miles apart without any interruptions.

What started with communication has turned into something much bigger, as people now use the internet for basically all of their everyday chores ranging from entertainment to professional aspects of life. Working from home, online classes, and e-commerce activities are performed over the internet. Video streaming, gaming, watching TV shows and movies are also done on the internet now. This is a testament to how the internet has seamlessly integrated into other fields as well. This evolution has reached the pinnacle of technology.

We are currently living in an age of the Internet of Things. This means that even the smallest gadgets have some hints of the internet. The whole concept of smart and AI-powered devices like smart TVs, smartphones, home automation, and monitoring systems are working over the internet. This is the amount of influence the internet has over our lives today.

Getting an Internet Connection

Getting an internet connection today has become a mammoth task in itself especially for a first-time customer or someone who’s moving places and there are a few reasons behind this. The immense popularity and support that the internet garnered from the public prompted many big communication giants to invest in it, and soon, this became one of the biggest communication industries in terms of market share and number of stakeholders.

Today, there are more than 7,000 internet service providers in the US alone. This shows us how saturated this industry has become with different providers offering different types of speeds, data plans, and service quality on different pricing models. With all of this, there also arises the problem of coverage area as not every provider offers their service in every area, which might be frustrating for a user, who after selecting a provider and the perfect package comes to learn that he can’t get the services because that provider is not even available in the said area.

Comparing and Selecting the Right Internet Plan

Since now there are a lot of providers offering services, it becomes difficult for an average user to first check the list of providers in their area, then analyze all plans they offer, and finally, contact them to get the services installed. This process is very complicated and users often miss out on discounts offered by many providers. At the moment, Spectrum Triple Play is all the rage because of its discounted price for new customers and tons of perks. In order to solve this problem, many websites provide a thorough comparison of different providers available in an area and the packages they are offering. Here we are going to have a look at the best website to compare internet plans. is relatively new to the scene but this handy website is your best friend when choosing an internet plan. It has many robust tools that users can apply for a detailed comparison of different plans. LocalCableDeals has become such a loved website that it attracts thousands of users per month and there are quite a few reasons behind that, which we are going to explain below.

A Genuine Rating System 

LocalCableDeals has tons of features including a rating and review system for users to rate service providers. While most of the platforms display fake reviews in order to benefit a single provider, all the reviews on are authentic in that they come directly from the users. This is because only those users can post reviews who have actually ordered the services from a specific service provider through the website thus maintaining transparency.

Zip Code Search

This is probably one of the most used features of this website, enabling users to search and compare providers based on their zip code. Since most users don’t know about their exact address or are looking to move to an area and they only have the zip code, this tool allows them to have a general idea about the providers that are offering services as well as the speeds, data, and prices in their neighborhoods.

Constant Updates

The packages and prices are constantly updated on the website so users get the exact and up-to-date knowledge without any confusion. With an updated list of pricing and providers, users can easily compare companies side-by-side and select their desired package and provider quite easily. This also includes limited-time promotions and discounts going on.

Ability to Directly Order the Services

The best thing is that users can directly contact these service providers as well through the contact information provided on the website, without the need for additional searching. This allows users to order the required services with ease and convenience.


The internet has become a necessity in the current landscape. Especially during the pandemic, we have realized how crucial it is to have a good and stable internet connection. Since most of our activities are performed over the internet, it is essentially important to choose the right provider and plan to take care of all your online needs. Since, with immense saturation in the market and the confusion of regular users due to many options, it has become difficult to choose the right thing for you. That is why we have written this piece so our users can be educated about the best platform where they can easily go and compare different plans thus choosing the best service according to their needs.