Animation Shows for adults to binge-watch



The year 2020 is spinning and no matter how grim it seems, we still have a reason to comfort ourselves as we know that there is an abundance of wonderful animation being aired. And, it’s simpler than ever to watch them. In this era of streaming, the amount of anime and interactive programs for adults has never been so large for lovers of old and modern, meaning viewers can experience a variety of fresh programs and old shows sharing their final goodbyes. All thanks to streaming services and high-speed internet connections like ATT Internet for offering services to keep us all entertained, especially amid Covid-19. Keeping this pandemic in mind, we have gathered a few of the most exciting shows for you to binge.


After the surprising death of Dracula at the hands of Trevor Belmost and the vampire’s own son Alucard in last season, the world will see the majority of the vampire members struggling to fill the void of influence and to take control of the humans, which had previously been under the rule of Dracula. The season presents several new faces and the affection of the Castlevania universe, as well as some of the most intense battle scenes in the latest series. With this latest season, it’s about time that Castlevania is remembered as one of the strongest versions of the video game ever made.


Although similarities are unavoidable with Disney’s Zootopia, the upcoming version of the famous comic, Beastars, definitely isn’t for kids. Tensions between carnivores and herbivores of the Cherryton Academy emerge in the realm of anthropomorphic animals after alpaca’s student has violently been assassinated. Around the same time, Legoshi, a timid wolf, must conquer an environment that defines your whole life by being one creature, coupled with a new complicated collection of feelings for Haru, an evil dwarf rabbit. Beastars is rich and complicated, which is based on a murder-mystery genre with a touch of high school drama, a new generation story, and romance.

Tower of God

Fans waited several years for an animated version of Tower of God, one of South Korea’s most popular webcomics and it’s here at last. This show deals with a mysterious tower, which provides all sorts of wishes and powers for explorers that reach the top, with an exceptional and bizarre environment. One day two kids try to move up the hill, and they discover it tougher than they imagined. This webcomic feels like the Snowpiercer film with its detailed, impressive action and its approach to heavy subjects such as classicism.

Solar Opposites

Co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland has created a new animation series, which is just as offensive, aggressive, and humorous as the famous Adult Swim. The show centers on the alien’s family who are compelled to reside in Central America and have to decide if Earth is dreadful or actually amazing – they consider it really convenient to destroy other people in the world. It just makes us more eager to see more Roiland antics that the series has already a two-season order before even its premieres. This series is the same to Rick and Morty, as Futurama is to Simpsons.


Junji Ito is one of the most famous names of Japanese horror, therefore, Uzumaki is an animation adaption as a cause for celebration. The series explores the inhabitants of a city of fantasy, afflicted with a mysterious spell, which easily becomes dangerous as the residents suffer horrible deaths. The show is part of psychological horror, exploring a city that is crazy, but also provides very frightening horror when it finally hits our screens.


Since the start of this year, there is a whole range of adult programs that shouldn’t be missed. Additionally, 2020 is also considered to be an amazing year for anime fans, that’s why we have rounded some of the best-animated adult shows for you to keep you busy around the year.