How to buy the right health Insurance

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Health insurance is indispensable, and most of us are aware of the fact. Generally, before selecting the right plan, we tend to focus on the ones that offer maximum coverage when the requirement arises. Presently, the abundance of various health insurance plans makes it intimidating to select the one that fits our needs.

Furthermore, things tend to get even more perplexing when you go through the features, inclusions, and limitations of these health insurance policies. Chances are, if you make hasty decisions, you may end up buying a health insurance policy that hardly serves your purpose. We have handpicked some tips; it should assist you in buying the right insurance plan.

Identify the proper policy coverage

Your first criterion would be checking the coverage that particular health insurance is offering. Prefer a plan that provides maximum coverage during medical conditions. It should include costs of hospitalization, ambulance charges, cashless treatment, and all the things that seem relevant to you. As you can also buy family health insurance plans, you should verify the policy successfully addresses the needs of each of them.

Assessing your requirements is critical, as it will help you in deciding which health insurance is the best. Do not hesitate to compare various plans, reading the features of the policy, and their limitations. Watch out for hidden aspects like waiting period (we will cover this in detail later) and sub-limits.

Often, we are in a hurry, and neglect reading these factors along with the terms and conditions. As you can understand, when you know the policy correctly, it would be convenient for you during the time of placing a claim. You can visit  and know more about selecting the ideal health insurance.



The flexibility of the policy

The health insurance policy must be flexible. It can be extremely useful when you decide to add a new family member to the existing policy. Then, there can be situations, where someone in the family passes away. In such situations, the other members of the family should not have any inconvenience continuing with the existing policy, keeping the benefits intact.

Focus on the Waiting Period

Precisely, a waiting period in insurance implies to the waiting period, an insurer has to wait before the coverage becomes effective. Understandably, you will not receive the claim benefits until the waiting period is over. Some insurance policies use terms like elimination periods and qualifying periods, which indicate the waiting period only.

Generally, health insurance plans tend to cover conditions like pre-existing diseases, maternity, and a few specific health treatments. The waiting period can be two to four years and can vary from one plan to the other. Thus, it is feasible picking up a plan that has a minimal waiting period, for availing the benefits.

Verify the Co-Payment Clause

The co-payment clause refers to the amount you need to pay from your own. Here we cite an example to simplify it. Say, you have a policy with a 10% Co-pay clause, this means for a claim of $10,000 you need to pay that 10%. The insurance company takes care of the remaining amount and pays it to the concerned authorities. Of course, you can also look for policies that do not come with a Co-payment clause.



The plan must have lifetime renewability

Never miss out on this aspect. A health insurance policy that comes with lifetime renewability should be your priority. By checking the number of years for which the policy remains valid, you can make out whether it has the aforementioned facility.

The significance of lifetime renewability lies because you will require the services of such a health plan as you age. By choosing such a plan, effective for your family, you can conveniently continue with the same policy for years to come. In the meantime, you need not invest your precious time looking for other health insurance policies. In a nutshell, go for the plans that offer maximum time limits for renewing it.

Room rent limit

Ultimately, it is your call, where you want to get admission during a health condition. However, the type of plan you choose will dictate terms on your decision. For instance, if your policy offers support for a higher room-rent, you can seek treatment from the best centers, without having to worry about paying the extra amount from your own.


The points above are vital for you to consider before buying health insurance. It will also save you from the ordeal when it is the time of processing the claim. So, select wisely, and safeguard the interests of your family for the long-term.

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