Wonder if you should promote your business on Instagram? Here is why you definitely must

Promote your business on Instagram

Promote your business on Instagram

All of the social networking sites that have appeared on the scene in the last few years have had a really positive impact on many different business niches because these social media platforms are a great source of gaining new customers and getting more sales. Although , there are still many people who think that social media platforms are not worth investing your time and efforts into because these platforms are not professional areas.  We should think twice before accepting  this as correct, so let’s discuss some statistics and let’s take the mobile application Instagram as an example. This platform was released 10 years ago as an app that supports pictures and videos. First this social networking site was mostly focused on photographers and photography lovers and all the content there was related to the photography niche.

However for less than 10 years, Instagram managed to rise its popularity to an enormous extent and now the social platform has more than 2 billion active users. The truth is that social media platforms such as Instagram are actually changing both the business worlds and of course our personal lives,which leads to the fact that social media platforms are actually tools that can change and improve your business.

Most of the social media platforms are actually really powerful when it comes to creating successful marketing strategies and increasing sales, however in this article our team have collected a few methods that could improve your business through the usage of Instagram.

  • Understand your audience and provide them the content they would like to see from you. Instagram is a platform with various groups of different people. There are people from all ages from all over the world. People use Instagram for different reasons- entertaining , shopping, educating, inspiring and many more. However you should find a way to reach the audience you seek in order to extend your business reach and to increase your sales. Probably in the beginning you will not have a huge and loyal audience but there are always options that can help you get more followers. There are companies that provide services for Instagram growth and you can buy real Instagram likes from these suppliers.
  • Upload creative and unique content. One of the most important things
    ,when we speak about achieving success on Instagram, is the engagement rate of the users on Instagram. This rate is formed by the average percentage of the number of your followers compared to the average number of likes on your publications. In order to reach a positive engagement rate you should provide your audience with content that is unique and that stands out. Of course you can just reimagine content that you come across your feed and that you liked, it is not necessary to create content that no one has created before. Try to upload content that will stop someone from scrolling their feed.
  • Collaborate with people that have impact over their audience or said in other words try to work with influencers. One of the smartest tactics on Instagram is working with influencers. This type of marketing strategy is really powerful because influencers have thousands , even millions of followers and you have the opportunity to reach their audience. Find an influencer that has something in common with your business niche and whose followers would be interested in your goods and services. However you should know that you should pay this person that will advertise your product. For example you can give them a percentage of your profit, some of your products for free or you can give them a coupon code specific to their desires.

Instagram offers numerous ways of extending your reach and gaining new customers for your business. However it is of essential importance to find a way to reach the audience you truly need. You should be ready to invest pretty much time and effort but we can reassure you that the results will be fabulous.