Quick Tips For Successful Instagram Marketing

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We want to share with you a recipe for successful instagram marketing. Content, management and consistency – in a nutshell, it’s the successful plan but we will dive deep into the details.

Profile picture, description and regular content

The first focus of our Instagram tips, the profile picture and the description, or on Instagram the so-called biography. Your profile picture should be clear and meaningful, as the preview picture usually only has a few pixels available. The thumbnails in Instagram are small round icons that contain the image of the respective Instagram account. Our recommendation for your profile picture:

  • Well recognizable portrait
  • Well recognizable brand logo
  • Recognition is in the foreground

All other media content does not ensure any recognition whatsoever. There should be no other details in the picture. As described above, just a portrait or just a brand logo. The profile picture should not be changed too often, because, as described, it ensures recognition. So if you scan four or five photos in the timeline within a few seconds, you should quickly and easily recognize that this is one photo of you. The profile picture ensures this, so it must be kept as simple as possible.

Next up is the biography. The biography briefly describes what you do as a company, services or contact options. The biography is especially for those users who become aware of us for the first time. So you click on the username Iris Instagram Accounts and land on your Instagram channel. Again there are only a few moments before the user walks back or on. Here you have to convince quickly and briefly explain to the user what they do, what they stand for and why it is worth following the channel.

Another tip, emoticons should definitely be used in the biography. You probably know the famous phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s the same with emoticons. As a craft business, you can use a hammer to quickly and easily clarify what it is about. It works the same way with food companies, of course, but also with fashion companies in the hotel industry. here is a list of

Editorial plan: when and what to post?

Depending on how big your company is, you are still responsible for your social media channel yourself, have a first employee who takes care of it in addition to your actual work, or you even have your own small team that deals specifically with social media Marketing and the various channels from Instagram to Facebook, tiktok, Twitter and YouTube.

No matter how, you have to post every day. Why is that so important? Regular mentions are only possible through regular postings. The more users hear your name here, the more likely they are to fall back on your product when making a purchase decision instead of the competition. Regardless of whether it is a service or classic physical products, modern apps for smartphones or financial services, the more often a user has heard of your brand, the more likely you are to choose. Advantage 2, regular postings not only increase brand awareness among people, the frequent interaction also increases the likelihood that they will become followers of your social media channel.

Regular posts make you more interesting, because users know that they are getting added value on their channel, e.g. the daily inspiration with fashion commas the little life hacks for minigames for a specific app or city tips for a hotel chain. It is important that the users get permanent added value from you in order to have the incentive to follow them.

An editorial plan can help a lot, because you think about the content that is still to come, at the same time a certain period of 14 days or 30 days is planned in advance, so that you can concentrate better on the actual business, you don’t have to daily Invest time for inspiration. The daily work then focuses on community management, e.g. replying to comments and direct messages.

The editorial plan can be designed very simply, a bullet point list with the daily content. This includes not only photos, but also texts, but we’ll come to ingenious texts later. Now we have learned everything about profile picture, biography, inspiration for our own visual language, the next step is now to build the community! Love your first 1000 fans, because you are the first to appreciate your new social media concept for Instagram and the first 1000 potential brand ambassadors for you.