Niklas Pedde Instagram University 3.0 Review



As a marketer, if you understand the algorithm of succeeding in Instagram, you are all set to make it big. Presently, there are tens and thousands of online courses available on the internet. All of them guarantee promising results, claiming you can strike gold within the shortest period. Reality depicts a different picture, the fad fizzles out quickly, and you forget about it soon. Instagram University 3.0 is an exception in this aspect.

Since its launch, various individuals found success in their endeavor, and they are relishing the tens of thousands of Instagram followers that too in a single month. Read on, as we review the niklas pedde instagram university 3.0. For further information, you can visit .

Instagram University- An overview

The 19-year old Niklas Pedde’s offers you a step-by-step course on making money on Instagram. Rest assured, the course does not promise to make you rich overnight. Furthermore, unlike regular online courses, Instagram University 3.0 is not something that will go down your memory after logging in once. Most importantly, it is not an online course. Let’s cut to the chase, with this training module you learn on how to get started on Instagram and monetize by increasing your followers.

Things you can expect of Instagram University 3.0

The developer of the course, Niklas Pedde is a self-made man. He knows the ins and outs of Instagram. That he presently has more than 100K followers, speaks volumes about his success in this arena. It goes without saying the course model created by him has all the methods for you to succeed. Chances are, you will start getting results as soon as you start following the procedures mentioned in the course. You will become familiar with the practical methods that will help you in prospering in the most exciting social media platform.

Instagram University 3.0 covers a whole lot of things relevant to Instagram. It guides you in choosing the right niche, creating your profile accurately, choosing a content strategy, and the way to acquire more followers.

The course

Here is a look at the course contents:

Instagram 101: Your guide on how the Instagram algorithm works, and your role in maximizing the monetization from the account.

Branding Secrets: Even with hundreds and thousands of followers, your success will be short-lived. You must learn how to start branding. Learn everything about it in this course.

Golden Blueprint: As the name suggests, it is a blueprint that explains how you can start generating an income, even when you do not have a great number of followers.



IG Blackbox: The much-needed template ready with PDF checklist and other important aspects.

Lastly, you get an insight into various Instagram secrets.



As already mentioned, the course packs quite a punch, and it is bound to work within a short period. Unlike some of the similar courses available online, it does not involve any Utopian ideas. The creator himself is a live example of how his strategies are full proof and can take you to the next level. Even if you are a beginner, you should not find it difficult to grasp the course contents.

Being a marketer, you must be aware; Instagram is a dynamic platform and its concept changes at a rapid pace. Don’t worry, the course is up-to-date and is at par with the changing algorithms of Instagram. Previously, Niklas Pedde introduced the Instagram University version 1.0 and 2.0 respectively. You can expect upgrades to the methods mentioned in the earlier course modules. The latest 3.0 version matches the latest Instagram algorithms. Regardless of when you join the course, you can taste success right away. 

Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box

The best part of the course, the methods of the course is devoid of any bots, automation or software. Thus, you are dealing with genuine organic content. You never need to worry about your Instagram account getting banned. If you do not know this already, there are some murky automated tools a few developers offer in their course materials that run the risk of banning your Instagram account.

The scopes for improvement

Well, for the seasoned internet marketers, a couple of things might make them feel uncomfortable. However, by the way, Niklas Pedde is advancing and developing the course, you can expect whatever trifle drawbacks are there, it would soon be over.

The final verdict

Instagram University 3.0 has to be the best value for money courses you will ever come across on the internet. Your initial investment of $7 should not make a huge difference in your financial status. Eventually, when you start making it big on Instagram, you will appreciate the decision of taking up the course.

You can perform research online to verify what others are saying about the aforesaid course. It should not take you long finding information on the individuals who are relishing their experience of getting a massive following on their IG accounts.