How to use Instagram Bots



If you run your business on Instagram, you must have heard about such a wonderful service as an Instagram bot for followers. The bot industry for Instagram promotion has been around for a long time and all this time it has been meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes. It is almost impossible to underestimate the contribution of Instagram automation services. Almost all large companies or popular bloggers use Instagram automation services regularly, which ensures the constant growth and development of their profiles. Self-promotion of a profile is an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. In addition to understanding all the principles and algorithms of Instagram as a platform for posting content and user interaction, you also need to spend hours daily performing routine actions that the Instagram bot performs in the background without your participation. In addition, it is worth noting that the efficiency of the automatic promotion of the Instagram profile is several times higher since the Instagram bot is equipped with smart algorithms.

It is to avoid problems, free up a lot of free time and ensure a stable and high-quality increase in subscribers that many users give their preference to Instagram bots. However, many users still doubt and are afraid that using Instagram bots will require them to have any deep knowledge, programming skills, and anything else. This is not true at all. And in this article, we will show you how to use Instagram bots using the best Instagram bot on the market – Inflact. We are sure that all fears if you had them, will disappear by the end of this material. Let’s get started!

Let’s start with a VPN connection

VPN ( Virtual Privat Network ) is the most important condition for using any Instagram automation services. A VPN is used to change your IP address by connecting to another remote network. This ensures your protection against various kinds of blocking. By using a VPN, you bypass all the restrictions of the Instagram app and also protect your geolocation.

If you do not go into all the subtleties, then the main advantages of using a VPN can be formulated as follows:

  • You can manage multiple Instagram profiles at once
  • Thanks to a VPN, the automatic promotion of your profile is significantly accelerated
  • Instagram ban protection
  • If Instagram is blocked in your region, you can easily bypass this restriction and freely use the social network

Turn on the promo module

It’s no secret that if you want to get more subscribers, reactions, comments, and views, in a word, promote your account, then you just need to get into the visibility zone of Instagram users. And at best, you need to get in the eyes of your target audience. This is exactly what all Instagram promotion services do. For your target audience to know about your existence, you need to enable the promotion module. However, before you start, you need to prepare your Instagram account. Let’s see how:

  • You need to have at least 12 posts on your profile. This requirement is imposed on accounts due to the presence of certain filtering algorithms on Instagram.
  • Your first post must be published no later than 14 days ago.
  • You need to link your phone and email to your profile
  • Check that your account is not hidden
  • Create an attractive and interesting biography. Be a little creative, tell us about yourself

After fulfilling the presented requirements, you need to make a list of your competitors for whom you would like to change the audience. You need to make a list of up to 50 items, and it is advisable to indicate sufficiently promoted accounts. So your promotion will work better. Instagram bot automated software will automatically view the list of subscribers of the specified profiles, view the profiles of users who have rated their posts, and much more.

The process of finding such accounts is not complicated at all. You just need to enter keywords in the search bar that characterize the activities of your account. After that, the service itself will give you an account of a similar theme. After that, you will only have to select accounts for your list.

After that, you need to set up a list of hashtags that will draw the attention of the target audience to your account. Make a list of up to 50 hashtags describing the activities of your account. It is also not difficult to do this. All you need to do is create a portrait of your audience and come up with a few keywords that you think will be relevant to your target audience. Then you can upload these words to the hashtag generator and get the result. Choose from suggested hashtags a few rare, frequent, and medium hashtags, and then the audience search algorithm will work as balanced as possible.

After that, you will need to localize your audience search. Agree, if you are running your car rental business in the US, then there is no point in attracting an audience from Australia. You need to link your audience search to a specific location. To do this is also not difficult at all. You just need to specify the location in the settings of the web-based Instagram bot.

Next, you need to set up audience filtering. Select the priority gender, age, and language of your audience in the bot settings. You can even adjust the number of accounts a user follows for more precise filtering. This is done so that your ads do not get lost among the ads of other accounts.

Next, the Bot does all the work for you. He will subscribe, like, view stories and leave comments for those users who fall under the selection conditions specified by you. Everything is very simple. It will not require more than 20 minutes of free time from you. Instagram bot automates all the routine work of finding an audience, putting likes, writing comments, and much more.

Summing up

Instagram bot companies have taken care to allow you to get organic and effective promotion on Instagram. And to get it, you do not need any deep knowledge and skills. All you need is to register for the service and set up a promotion. For promotion, we highly recommend the Inflact automation service. Inflact is an Instagram bot that helps with any questions about promotion on Instagram. You can find out more on the official website of the Inflact service.

We hope that after reading this article, you are convinced that making your Instagram account effective is not at all difficult. See you later!