How to find influencers: 3 working ways for 2021

find influencers

find influencers

Do you run a company and want to promote your brand via influencers? That’s the right decision for this year – influencer marketing is getting more powerful. People tend to trust their favorite bloggers whom they follow for years rather than random advertisers and products without reviews. For this reason, conducting an influencer campaign can be the key factor for your business and sales growth.

The question is – is it expensive to cooperate with influencers and how do you find bloggers that correspond to your brand voice? Well, it’s a time-consuming process but if you find an influencer with your target audience the result will be astonishing – you will get a truly interested and hot audience. And you don’t have to spend millions on celebrities and influencers with a million audience – even a micro-blogger with 1K engaged followers can bring your true clients. The issue is that smaller bloggers have more tight communities but sometimes more trusted as well.

Let’s overview how to find influencers if this type of promotion is new for you.

How to find influencers in 2021

Before conducting research I suggest that you think about your brand positioning and your target audience. When you have this exact understanding in your mind, it will be simpler to filter influencers while searching.

Take into account your brand voice, philosophy, goals, and style. After this brainstorming uses these three methods for influencer research. I recommend you organize your database in a document to track bloggers’ contacts, personal information, and rates.

#1 – Use Instagram search tools

The most obvious approach is to find bloggers via Instagram. But the app itself is inconvenient for finding people, accounts aren’t categorized. So you may spend hours when browsing profiles through the menu item Suggested.

For this reason, you should try third-party tools for User search. These services systemize data about IG account and you can use filters and keywords for search. For example, on such services you can filter “Designers”, choose the number of followers, location and the database will show you these accounts and their contacts. Many of such services are partially free. For example, on Inflact you can find people for free but need to subscribe to view their contacts and download search results as a document.

#2 – Practise search engines

Searching for influencers on Google and other search engines might be a more time-consuming method but many people apply it. It’s free and at least you can research trends and top bloggers in your industry.

It’s not a good solution for finding niche and micro-influencers but if you want to partner with giants, use this approach. There’s a secret hack oh how can you narrow down your search and find relevant influencers that are currently on the cusp.

I recommend you specify your search inquiry and choose the Advanced Search in the settings. In this section, you can browse results for 24 hours, week and month. Thanks to these criteria you will get up-to-date lists of bloggers. Also, you may define your country if the campaign is local.

#3 – Use paid influencer marketing platforms

You will likely pay for using these platforms. But dedicated services simplify your search and allow you to view the media kit, references, past jobs, and get the social statistics. You can a deeper understanding of a potential partner for your campaign.

At the same time, on these platforms, not all influencers are listed so you don’t get the full information.


When you finished with influencers’ research, try to inspect in more detail the content these people produce. Do the aesthetics, captions and the whole philosophy on this influencer correlates to your brand? If yes, proceed to pitch and negotiating about your campaign.