How Often One Should Post on Instagram?



We will present throughout this article awesome ideas and solid examples of videos that you could post while ensuring a certain complementarity with the feed posts & Stories that you already post. And without using Instagram hashtag generator tools for your video won’t help much in reaching a broader audience. So, ensure to use few trending hashtags.

Instagram, just like any other social media platform keeps on shifting algorithms. Keeping yourself on trending or with the best visibility rate and engagement ratio can be tough in situations where you have no idea about these changing algorithms. Keeping the consistency in posting on Instagram will help you get more Instagram followers and likes. Why it matters though? It is important so that you can follow the methods of bringing out the maximum productivity. Definitely, it helps in achieving milestones and objectives.

Here, in this article, we have catered questions that can easily boost your profile.

The prime question: how often to post on Instagram?

Another question: how often to post on personal and company profile? 

There is a bonus question that is answered too: how to schedule posts on Instagram?

Let’s begin…

How often one should post on Instagram?

Initially, before Instagram took another turn towards changing algorithms, maximum reach, and engagement on posts used to be for 72 minutes. Now, it is quite different. You see posts that you published three days ago in the feed. Sometimes, the posts published a week or more than a week are seen in the feed. That is only because now algorithms are completely changed.

Unfortunately, with the swift change in algorithms, now posts seem to have fewer engagement rates with more life span. Weird, right? Well, not really because even when there is no or less engagement, these posts tend to end up on all those who are following your profile later. This is a reason peoples are using a hashtag generator in order to get more engagements.

What does this call for? Do you think it means to post more strategically or should post less as posts seem to have more longevity in the feeds? To know the right answer, we have to put it in different sections.

Frequency and compatibility with an engagement rate

Since a lot has changed in the last two months, people with business accounts are posting between 6 and 30 times a day. This could have helped them, right? But the question is if the frequency is making these videos and posts from business account viral or not? The answer is simple; at times they get more engagement and they last long which results in being viral.

What strategy works best?

Instagram marketing tactic and strategy is based on two core elements. Firstly, how often you are posting. Secondly, whatever you are posting is based on followers’ tastes or not. So, the best strategy is designed around what followers want to see and how many times is too much or too less.

Corporate Instagram case study 2020

According to corporate Instagram best practices, business accounts post something new after every 25 to 30 minutes. One aspect of a high frequency of posts is because there are more than 10 million followers in such profiles. However, it is not that each and every post makes it to the best result. Some of them lag whereas others make it to the best and create more engagement as of other posts. Such profiles that have almost 30 posts on a daily basis have 80-90 comments on each post. And the average likes on these posts are 13,000 on each post.

The reason why such profiles post 30 times in 24 hours is that they have a huge audience to cater. Also, more the merrier fits in this case because the audience is from all corners and areas of the world. Therefore, it becomes necessary to beat algorithms by posting frequently.

How often to post on personal and company profile?

When you are an owner of a company it takes extra care and strategy to follow. Contrary to the notion and tactic for business profiles, private or personal Instagram profile need different strategies. It doesn’t mean you have to promote profile in a certain way. Instead, you can see what suits the demand and what is awaited by the followers. In a case where your audience is huge and has reached a few million then it is better to post in a way that the audience sees post after every few hours. It may take around ten posts a day for such profiles.

Unfortunately, private profiles on Instagram don’t have such an audience. They are selective and at times sets profile on private. When someone sets profile on private it means it is not for everyone and only those can see the posts who are following the profile. So, in such cases, you don’t essentially need ten posts in 24 hours. Even 3-4 posts a day will do wonders.

Researchers have found out that there isn’t a direct relationship between the frequency of posts and the engagements you receive on those posts. Apparently, there are profiles that post only once and still manage to get more engagement rate as compared to those profiles which post all day long. In short, it is about the content as in what kind of content you share, timings of the posts when they are published, and the schedule you follow.

Instagram best practices for business 2020

Are you skeptical about “How often should I post on Instagram to gain followers?” and are not sure what should be done to get maximum success rate on posts, then this section will definitely help you. Here, we will discuss the practices that are followed by tycoons of industries as well as about how many posts should be done to get the highest number of followers organically.

What does really matter – Quality or Quantity?

More the posts, the better the chances of getting reach and visibility. However, when posts increase and there is a decline in the quality of posts, then there is no point in posting as such. Here is why;

  • Your reach will decline
  • Engagement rate of comments will drop
  • Visibility will be there with zero or very less growth rate

Therefore, it is not just how many times you are posting. Business profiles on Instagram make sure to post only quality content that actually grabs followers’ and visitors’ attention. See, determination and hard work pay off, right? You also have to put in some extra efforts to curate content that has the potential to go viral. The quality of the posts however should never be compromised. No matter what happens, the quality has to maintain. The quality has to be the same so that the followers don’t leave your profile. Instead, an organic increase on both, followers and likes should be seen.

Following some tips and tricks in cases when you have to show something new to the audience is much important. For instance, if you don’t have time to create a high-quality post, then don’t post. Use the option of Instagram stories. Since IG stories don’t have to maintain the branding code, the color combination, and other aesthetics, you can post anything (on IG stories).

Note: posting content for the mere sake of filling the space is never a good idea. 

Taste of the Audience and Followers

Asking around and to the right people who give consultations is another way of finding out the taste of your audience. You can also add polls asking about the preferences in the stories. That way, you will have the right insight to what exactly is required by the audience. Also, ask in the post about the frequency.

Being shy around the audience or thinking if they will like your questions or not will only hamper your strategic mind. So, be vocal and expressive around them. If you will be yourself around the audience, they will like your originality. Remember, it is the audience that makes you successful. Do what they like!

Understand What Works Well and What is Just a Waste

Analytics and tools which help you in understanding the progress and results of a post are important for Instagram users. Engagements, reach, likes, comments, and other metrics denote the progress. You can work on the quality and type of posts with the help of these tools and then plan posts in advance based on the results. Time and energy in this way will be utilized in a better way. Checking on the posts will help you in planning strategies accordingly.

Post on Special Occasions, Promotions, and Events

No matter what, there will be a time when you want to increase the frequency of your posts. For instance, if your content is liked and gets engagement, then you might want to increase the frequency so that it gets better to reach to the audience.

Average Posts and Scheduling

Businesses and brands on an average post 1.5 times in a day. This rate makes sense when the businesses have to maintain the quality of the posts, have not a very large audience, and expect more following in the future. Since it is an achievable and smart goal, it gives some room for the business profiles to post more strategically and smartly.