6 best way to make your videos viral on Instagram in 2020

make your videos viral on Instagram

6 best way to make your videos viral on Instagram in 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. So no doubt people are crazy about this. It’s one of the best platforms to earn fame. And for that purpose, everyone wants that their posts or videos get viral. Viral content is also important for the Instagram influencers. As it can make a good earning for them.

A post is said to be viral when it gains 100,000+ likes and views as well as thousands of comments. It will also help when more and more people will share your post or tag their friends. Although making your post viral isn’t as easy as it seems to be. However, making your content meaningful and interesting should be your priority but apart from that, you need to take a few steps which can help to make your video viral.

1. Complete your profile

Completing your profile and leave nothing incomplete. It will make your Instagram page legitimate and it will gain more views than ever. You can also link your Instagram account with Facebook or share your Instagram link on your Facebook page this will make your content viewed on cross-platform too.

2. Find your theme

Your theme can also affect your Instagram page and the content you share on it. Keep a clear idea in your head and go with it so that your fans will always come to your page when they are looking for the kind of content you create.

3. Use Hashtags

This is no secret that the path of a viral content goes through its tags. Your hashtags will decide if your video can go viral or not. So always be choosy with the hashtags. You can also add hashtags that are trading and it can be multiple hashtags too.

A study has shown that a video with more tags gets more likes and views. So whenever someone is looking for a particular stuff they will search for the hashtag. And if you have the same hashtag, your post will come up first. If you are unable to find the perfect hashtags then you can also use apps for Instagram hashtags.

4. Make videos about the trading stuff

It doesn’t matter on which theme you are making your video, you can always find something related to being trending. Like if you make dance videos then use the trending song, if you make cooking videos make the trading dish (yes a dish can be trending) and if you make videos with social messages you can try coming up with some burning topic.

This way, everyone will be searching for the viral content and this will lead you to make the video viral.

5. Find influencers and collaborate with them

Instagram influencers are very helpful when it comes to making your video viral. They can share your videos and then more and more people will visit your page. So if you know any Instagram influencers then ask them to share your videos.

6. Post on right time

It’s important that you look for the best time to post on Instagram (yes it is a thing!). A right time will significantly increase the chances of getting you more and more views. Furthermore, the best time to post on Instagram vary from day to day!

So these are the best ways to make your video viral on Instagram. You should that Instagram has around 500 million active users per month and around 95 million posts are updated every day. So make the most of it and become viral with your posts. We hope you found the article helpful so thank-you for visiting our page.