Killer Whale Cursor | Whale Follows Mouse

killer whale cursor

killer whale cursor or whale follows mouse

By using below code you can conver your normal mouse cursor to killer whale cursor. It looks very well if your website is related to entertainment or cartoon and maybe your niche is related to fishes and whales. 

killer whale cursor gives you best look, mostly childrens like this type of cursors.  You need to follow these quick steps, if it does not work so you need to put the code in body section like <body> your “killer whale cursor” code here </body>.

Follow Steps:

Method 1:

Copy code> paste into <head> your code here </head> section > save file > complete.


Put the following line into your HTML:

Method 2:

Download File

Extract .rar file, then you need to put the .cur file into your website webserver directory

Add this code to your CSS section:
Code:   cursor: url(‘/YOUR_PATH/cursor.cur’), auto;

Replace YOUR_PATH with the correct paths

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