How to Brush Up On Your HR Skills with Oakleaf Partnership Talent Talks

Human Resourse

Human Resourse

There are few departments in a business that require such a range of skills as HR. Those that work in HR must possess a wide range of skills and excel in key areas such as communication, organization, confidentiality and adaptability. These are skills which can require brushing up on from time to time and there is one highly effective way that you can do this to stay ahead of the game and excel in your role. 

Oakleaf Academy

The Oakleaf Academy is a fantastic community that was established in 2015 to provide support to talent in HR through talks, networking and guidance from senior HR leaders in a social setting. For those that work in HR, it can be an excellent way to learn from the best as well as provide a great opportunity to build your professional network and develop relationships that could help take your career to the next level and allow you to secure the best HR jobs.

Talent Talks

Oakleaf Talent Talks are sessions which each have a key development theme that is led by a senior HR professional. This talk will take attendees on a journey throughout the HR expert’s career and help them to see how they overcame key obstacles, plus the ability to ask questions and network with everyone in attendance. 

Adapting to COVID-19

Of course, in the current situation, it has created challenges for the Oakleaf Academy, but they have found ways to overcome these while still abiding by government guidelines and protecting public health. Oakleaf Executive have partnered with expert HR friends and put together a series of online videos so that the academy is able to still learn and develop during this challenging time – a period where HR talent is needed more than ever to keep businesses and employees happy and supported. The Oakloaf Talent Talks and any updates will all be posted at the Oakleaf Talent Talks LinkedIn group.

Other Ways to Develop Skills

HR is a demanding and challenging industry to work in and requires a wide range of skills. There are lots of ways that HR professionals can work on and brush up these skills in addition to the Oakleaf Academy, including online research, classes and courses and, of course, practice which is the best way to develop your HR skills which means that experience is key here. It is worth identifying what skills need the most work and any weak areas that you may have and then to start working on these first.

It is important for those in HR to understand that they will continuously need to brush up on the many key skills that are required. One of the best ways to do this, to learn about advancing your career and to make helpful relationships is through the Oakleaf Academy which can help HR professionals to excel and achieve their career goals.