What to know about the different types of windows for your home?



All windows are primarily installed for the same purpose – to let the light inside. It also serves sufficient ventilation. There are other common functions such heat retention and home security. Despite that, windows can be distinct from each other in many ways. 

There are many different types of the windows in the market. Windows vary in style, design and even functionality at times. Thus, it can be important to know about the different types available. Following are some of them listed:

  • Double-hung windows

If you want a classical appearance, then double-hung windows can be the right choice to go for. They have functional lower and upper sashes. If you lower the top sash, the warmer air can move out through the upper part. On the other hand, the cooler air will flow inside from the bottom part. Some models even have sashes which can tilt inwards. This will enable the user to keep the exterior surfaces clean. It can be a very important feature for windows which are located on the second floor. 

  • Siding windows

These are highly popular amongst many residential and commercial premises. These windows have more than one panel. Such panel can move in a horizontal direction using the upper and lower tracks. You can easily slide the windows and open it for more ventilation. There are multiple designs that you can go for. You can consult with professionals such as klarfonster.se for a better idea regarding sliding windows. 

  • Accent windows

These are one of the most stylish designs in the market. It can help the homeowner to design the house in a more creative and innovative manner. These are normally available in generic rectangular designs. However, there are other visual varieties offered as well, which can be in the shape of octagons. It is pertinent to note that these types of windows are fixed and therefore, does not allow for much ventilation. Although it appears to be stylish, the functionality offered is minimum compared to other designs. 

  • Skylight windows

These windows are fancier compared to other types. It can be costly as well. However, it can be an ideal solution if you want to add more natural light into the house. If you have limited exterior options, then this can be an ideal thing to go for. It even adds more style. It is an effective replacement to a roof vent. Thus, you can get these windows for more light and style. 

  • Customized windows

These are not generic options but customized windows which will meet your needs according to what you want. If you have space and the standard windows do not meet your preferences, then you can ask window installation companies to cater to what is needed. The dimensions are crafted by professionals to match individual needs. You can go with your own personal design, style and size. It is perhaps an ideal solution for many homeowners.