What Is The Average Cost To Remodel A Master Bathroom?

Remodel A Master Bathroom

Remodel A Master Bathroom

Home improvements are never complete without a bathroom makeover. And master bathrooms take the center stage for obvious reasons. It is also comparatively expensive to renovate master bathrooms for their larger size. Minor remodeling costs can be managed within $25000, whereas a rather extensive remodeling need can cost about $35000. Moreover, homeowners with a thing for luxury can renovate to a spa-like master bathroom experience too. Shelling out somewhere in excess of $50000 for this might sound comfortable for such luxury seekers. All Bay Builders can cater to all your bathroom remodeling queries and needs.

Things That Matter The Most In Master Bathroom Remodels

  • Purpose – Changing the look or renovating for functional expansion can be a few of the reasons people opt to remodel their master bathrooms. Making a list of priorities becomes essential at the start for the success of a project.
  • Timeline – For people who believe a master bathroom remodel is long due, they can complete remodeling at their convenience. But for a few, partial improvements done over a period of time might be a better solution over complete renovations.
  • Budget – The majority of remodeling projects depend on budget allocation to a large extent. It helps designers to better judge things for renovation and which to be kept aside for later.

Average Remodeling Cost By Bath Size

The cost for renovation is definitely affected by the size of the target bathrooms. Consequently, remodeling master bathrooms cost more than the rest. Homeowners, however, seldom get bothered by this as they realize it can increase the resale value of their property.

  • Guest Bathroom Remodel

The average cost for a guest bathroom remodel can be somewhere around $14000 – $20000, depending on the size. This may include upgrading the bathtub or shower, faucets, floorings, and bathroom lightings. Installation of new vanity can also be within the scope as well. The remodeling cost additional considers change of bathroom paint or new wallpapers too.

  • Master Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling of a master bathroom might include new cabinet installation and double vanity, depending on available space. More luxurious glass showers are also common for master baths, along with new sets of fixtures, mirrors, and lighting. Finally, adding a recessed shower caddy can also make the cost higher. Generally, master bathroom remodels cost roughly around $30000 upwards.

  • Powder Room Remodel

Powder rooms are usually much smaller in size. Accordingly, they cost less to remodel, typically within an average budget of $5000 – $10000. Upgrades for the faucets, toilet, and vanity are common inclusion for a powder room remodeling. This may also cover new lighting and flooring in addition to new paint or wallpapers.

  • Deluxe Master Bathroom Remodel

Remodel costs for luxury master bathrooms can range from $60000 to over $100000. Besides the size and scope of the renovation, this cost also considers the quality of materials. High-end bathroom remodel might involve expansion of footprint, shifting existing walls, and moving around old fixtures. These are substantially expensive and laborious steps in such projects. Homeowners also prefer the installation of radiant heat flooring and customized shower enclosure in their luxury master bathrooms. And for all the renovation work, the use of expensive building and finishing materials is mostly preferred by the owners in general.

Levels Of Remodeling

Master bathroom remodels can be categorized into three different levels. Homeowners can choose among these on the basis of their specific needs and budget.

  • Basic Remodel

For those who want to sell their property and plan for a bathroom facelift beforehand, basic remodeling might suit them. It mainly involves cosmetic upgrades to the master bathroom for a fresh new look. Replacing old fixtures, repainting of the walls, and possible change of floor tiles can be included in basic remodel. The aim is to create an impressive-looking master bathroom for prospective buyers.

  • Extensive Remodel

As the name suggests, extensive remodel is suited for master bathrooms with inferior functionality or user discomfort. Popular updates include the replacement of an aging bathtub with a steam shower set, new electric wiring, and minor plumbing work. The purpose of such master bathroom remodel is to improve the overall user experience for a longer time of stay.

  • Upscale Remodel

Homeowners planning for a master bathroom remodel without budget constraints can go for upscale renovations. Basically, the designers come up with a whole new room full of luxurious spa-like arrangements. Existing bathrooms are usually gutted before the renovations. It involves extensive plumbing work, high-end fixtures, and uber-expensive materials for the rebuilding.