Top 5 Advantages of Using Plaster on Walls 

Advantages of Using Plaster on Walls

Advantages of Using Plaster on Walls

Once  plaster was the most common form of wall finishing, this trend changed when the drywall became commonly available. One may think it is only found in old or historic homes. But this ancient material is something more than a wall finisher. 

This ancient material still has many benefits to offer as it can be used to style and decorate your home from French to Victorian designs. It offers builders different ways to create amazing interior design and also protect outdoor walls. After the invention of drywall, builders started to take it as a better option. Lately, plaster is back in the limelight due to its advantages. It works for new businesses, homes, and other remodel jobs. Here you’ll learn about the top five advantages of plaster that you would love. 

1. Plaster is Back Due to its Durability 

This material is designed to last for a long period which makes this material far more durable than any other. Many old homes and historic buildings still have the plaster coat, and they all are in still fantastic condition. Plaster does not need any special maintenance that drywall requires. If drywall is hit by any hard thing or hit by furniture, it can easily get holes or crumble. On the other side, plaster is not easy to damage. The durability of plaster makes it an ideal and favorite option for builders. 

2. Variety in Designs 

Plaster comes in a wide range of variety. DFN Plastering Supplies best plaster to their clients with new and innovative ideas that can give a completely new look to your space. Plaster can offer you unlimited design possibilities from contemporary to European styles. One can use it in each part of any building and home. 

When it comes to plaster installation, it is quite convenient and easy. The installation process is dust-free and requires less time. 

3. Plaster Walls are thicker and Solid

When we apply plaster on walls, it gives a durable and solid surface to walls. With plaster, you can give any design and style to your walls without facing any problem. The one more important thing about using plaster is if the wall is already thick enough, it could become soundproof after applying plaster. 

4. Easy to Clean 

Due to the durability of plaster, it is easy to clean as compared to any other material or drywall. Because of its solid nature, one can easily clean it up. Due to its solid nature, you can clean with confidence that you’re not causing any damage to your wall. Plaster also gives a classy and antique look to your home. So whenever it comes to giving an elegant look to your home, investing in plaster is a great choice. 

5. Plaster is Best Option for Outdoor Walls 

When it comes to outdoor walls, we need to pay more attention to them. Extreme weather can damage the outdoor walls, and this is where plaster comes in handy. This material is environmentally friendly and protects your walls against extreme weather. Plaster can also be waterproof, and using it for your walls is always a good investment.