8 Things to Budget for When Moving to Sacramento



Expect a lot of moving expenses and moving costs when relocating to Sacramento or other cities. Even local moves can get expensive. Aside from creating a moving budget, plan ahead for unexpected expenses brought about by situations like a sudden snowstorm or your moving truck breaking down in the middle of nowhere while in transit. It is advisable to set aside an emergency fund for these scenarios.

Remember that an accurate moving budget can either make or break your relocation journey. Although making an accurate budget is not an easy task, you have to know where your hard-earned money will go. Explore options while keeping an open mind.

To craft an accurate moving budget, you need to consider a lot of things. The following categories are some of the things to budget for when moving:

Professional Moving Company and Movers Services

Depending on the type of moving company you will hire, set aside a huge chunk of your relocation budget for the service fees. If you have limited funds, hiring a mover at an hourly rate and only for labor services can be a good option. Labor-only moving services are generally less costly than full service moving.

When hiring professional Sacramento movers, ask immediately for a complete list of services they offer and the corresponding service fees. This way you will have a general idea about the moving expenses you need to anticipate and set your moving budget realistically.

Packing Supplies

The number of cardboard boxes you will need depends on how much stuff you bring to your new location. Although bubble wrap, shrink wrap, furniture covers and pads are generally inexpensive, the costs will add up if you need to use a lot. Ask family and friends if they have free boxes they can spare.

Do not buy cheap and low-quality packing materials if you have breakables and heirloom pieces. Better to wrap them generously. Better safe than sorry.

Moving truck rental

Some moving companies already include moving truck services in their full-service moving package. You can save money if you can use your own vehicle in relocating. However, in most cases, you will need to bring your large appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine or bulky furniture like wardrobes and bed frames. You can only transport this with a truck or trailer.

Storage costs

This is another reason why you need to discard things and household items you no longer need or no longer use. If you hold on to them and you are moving to a smaller house or apartment, you will need to rent a storage space and have additional costs for storage fees.

The easiest items you can discard are pieces of clothing and footwear, especially those you have not worn for years. Although discarding things feels liberating, be careful not to give away or throw away essential items, especially those which you cannot buy anywhere else or things which are heirloom pieces.

Cleaning service fees, gas fees, and other moving-related expense

Keep in mind that the service fees you will pay when you hire professional movers are for labor only. This covers packing, loading and unloading your things in the moving truck. Often, it does not include the rental for the truck. You will have to set aside separate funds to cover this.

You also need extra cash for gas and tips. Include cleaning services fees in your moving budget. You would not want to start your new life in a dirty, dusty house. There are also rental places that require deep cleaning of the space before moving day and the landlord will only return your security deposit once he is satisfied that you left the space in tip top shape.


If you cannot ask a family member to babysit or do pet care for you, or if everyone in your family is busy on moving day, treat this as part of moving costs and include it as an item in your moving budget. This way, you will not be stressed out with keeping an eye on the children or on your pet while making sure your valuables are not lost in transit.

Meals and hotel fees

Moving is overwhelming and incredibly stressful. Provide some breathing room for you and your family by setting aside some funds for good food. You can also share this with your movers to boost morale especially if you have a complicated move.

Set aside some contingency funds for when you need to stay awhile in a hotel. You never know what you will find on the road. Better to be ready.

New furniture

If you want to leave your old furniture behind either to save on costs or to start on a clean slate, set aside funds in your moving budget for this. The moving process can be less tedious if you do not have a lot of things you need to bring, and bulky furniture can certainly make it harder to move on the go.

If you had a DIY move and you do not really have that much to spare for new furnishings, you can visit a yard sale once you are in your new location or buy pieces from online marketplaces.

Save money, minimize moving expenses

Moving and saving money do not often go hand in hand. In fact, for long-distance moves, it would be best not to automatically go for the cheapest option. Hiring a professional mover who can help you in case of unexpected situations, especially when you are crossing state lines, can make all the difference.

You can still keep costs reasonable by hiring an affordable moving company that can provide high quality service. There are service providers with a nationwide reach that can connect you with the most efficient, hardworking and friendly movers while keeping the cost low.

In relocation, half the battle is won by strategically preparing weeks before the moving date. Additional costs usually come from items that you suddenly need to purchase or pay for. For example, if you have a large family and you are moving with small kids, you might suddenly need to check into a hotel or a temporary housing facility while traveling to your new location. Perhaps, you need to rent a trolley to make loading and unloading your new television easier for the movers. If you anticipated this, you do not need to worry when you suddenly need money for such things.

Another way to save money while moving to Sacramento is by asking family and friends for help. They can help you declutter your house and pack your things. You can even give them household items you no longer use instead of throwing these in the trash. Preparing for the move together can be a good bonding activity that you will cherish for years to come, especially if you are relocating away from family.


What should be included in the moving budget?

In creating a moving budget that is realistic and comprehensive, aside from the usual categories, include also other costs such as costs for equipment rental and anticipate everyday expenses while on the move. While you may use a moving budget template you can get online, it is still better to create your own depending on your needs.

It would be good to have a contingency fund in case you need temporary housing during this transition period or in case something breaks down and you need to hire another truck.

Other expenses include insurance with basic coverage and additional insurance in case you are transporting an heirloom painting piece or a breakable sculpture.

What are the biggest expenses when moving?

The biggest expenses often go to truck rentals, storage costs, packing and unpacking services, moving insurance, and other moving-related expenses like security deposit, advance rent payment and renter’s insurance.

Once you start packing your belongings and transporting them, there might be other expenses. Always make sure to ask for a written quote from your movers to avoid surprise charges.

How do I start a budget for a move?

First, you must know in detail what you have. Make a list of all your belongings. After which, research on moving fees to have a clear idea how much you must prepare. If you are hiring movers, ask if you must pay extra if they handle your breakable pieces. Most movers have a labor-only service fee and ask for additional fees for moving trucks.

Once you know the total cost and the exact amount you need to prepare for, you can set the timeline and schedule for the move. You may also want to have a yard sale at this time for items you want to discard. This can also be a good way to earn some extra income you can use for the move.

Although you may feel that it is no longer important to create a moving budget since you can easily download a moving budget template online, there are details that only apply to your move. Note that by identifying early on what size truck you need and asking upfront if movers charge a different rate for a long-distance move and a local move, you will be able to save time and save yourself from unexpected costs. Another benefit of creating a moving budget is you can avoid hidden costs.