The Significance of Winter Roof Maintenance

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In the perfect world, roofing issues can pop up during dry and warm weather, but at times winter leaks resulting from failing materials or ice dams demand winter gutter and roof repairs. That, fortunately, is no longer a headache for top roofing companies. Though there are some limitations in materials, yet for the maximum part, installation, repair, and maintenance during the winter are not difficult compared to any other season.

Common Roof Inspection Areas during winter

Below are some common roof inspection areas during the winter,

  • Expansion joints
  • Penetrations
  • Field Membrane
  • Gutters/Drainage System
  • Metal Flashings

Prospective Roof Dangers during winter

Winter brings with it chilling temperatures, high winds, torrential rain, ice, snow, and more. All can cause damage to the roofing system including,

  • Risk of Injuries
  • Cut edge erosion
  • Icicles
  • Ice dams
  • Condensation

Importance of Roof Maintenance during winter

Winter roof maintenance is crucial for the following reasons,

  • Ease of Installation Resting on Materials – Specific roofing materials like metal is not prone to the cold. It means the process of installation will not get affected during the winter. Although the cold weather can make labor challenges, the roofing material will not be a factor. It is only snow removal that can delay the process.
  • Clear Vents – Routine maintenance of your roof during the chilly winter is essential to keep the vents clear. The vents must be free from debris always. If it gets clogged, there will be poor drainage and a lingering odor. To check if the vents are blocked, you need the help of a professional roof repair contractor. You should also consider the significance of roof maintenance with regards to pest control. During the winter, pests may enter the home to stay warm, which can cause holes in the roof or other problems. Through proper roof maintenance during the winter season, you can catch the pests before the infestation begins.
  • Continued Protection against the Elements – Though winter is not a preferred time for roof installation and maintenance e, it is possible. Putting off the replacement for another day is not possible. Thus premier roofers offer their services throughout the year and every season as they know the urgency to replace or repair a roof.
  • Prevent Leaks – Roofing problems like leaks are issues that need instant attention. If this happens, you cannot put off the services like replacement or repairs for another day just because it is winter. If you do so, there will be more complications down the line, such as extensive water damage and mold growth.
  • Preventative Maintenance Program – The truth is that preventive maintenance plays a crucial part in protecting and maintaining your roofing system. The critical perks to investing in proper preventative maintenance during winter include,
  • Save on long-term roofing expenditure
  • Check early roof damage
  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Energy and time saved

If storms in the winter cause leaks and other damages to the roof, call a specialist to get this fixed right away.