Signs It’s Time To Change Your Lawn



The outdoor area or garden of houses and apartments is one of the most beloved Brazilian homes. To make this space always beautiful, anything goes to flowers, tropical plants, stones, cactuses. But do you know the big secret to this? Know when to change the lawn. This step is just as important as watering the plants. So, today, we’re going to show you the signs that it’s time to change your lawn, you can also request the services of lawn dethatching service near me for your lawn when needed!

When To Change The Lawn?

Keeping a lawn that is beautiful, well-kept, and alive can be a lot of work. Knowing how to keep the grass always green is also not an easy task. Therefore, many people opt for practical, simple, and straightforward alternatives such as changing the lawn. But switching to maintaining a natural grass garden may not be a very cheap alternative, depending on the area you have.

Below, we’ve prepared a list of times you should consider changing your lawn. Check out:

The Grass Is Old

Like everything else in nature, lawns also age. In general, the lifespan of natural grass will depend a lot on how well you care for it. For example, if you are not used to plowing, fertilizing, or using fertilizers on your grass, your grass will not live for more than 5 years.

When The Grass Doesn’t Grow

This is another situation that can happen quite often. When the grass is not growing as it should, the soil may not be good enough. In these cases, you can try some recovery techniques or change the lawn altogether.

There Are Gaps In The Lawn

A dry, flawed, and lifeless lawn is not what you dreamed of for your outdoor space. Unfortunately, turf failures are normal due to many factors, such as changing seasons and weather. However, bringing your lawn back to life can be a thankless task. After all, different processes and products are needed for this.

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I Want To Change The Lawn. What Alternatives Do I Have?

If you’ve decided it’s time to stop wasting your time and money trying to solve endless problems, we can help! With no need to fertilize, prune, and no worries about maintenance, synthetic grass is an incredible alternative for those who have suffered long with natural grass.

There are many types of synthetic grass, each with its characteristics, peculiarities, and qualities. While some classes are suitable for playgrounds, others are perfect for gardens and other outdoor or decorative environments.

Furthermore, it is very simple to keep the synthetic grass sanitized. Using only soap and water, you have everything you need to make your lawn clean and looking new, you can also use the services of lawn dethatching service near me when needed.

Another great advantage of artificial turf is its easy installation. In other words, when replacing your old lawn, you don’t need to depend on anyone to do the job.

How To Avoid Problems Between Your Pets And Your Garden

Adapt Your Garden

Instead of always tidying up the mess, try to adapt your garden so that the animal can also enjoy the space. You can, for example, place stones, fences, and screens in the most excavated places. If possible, think about leaving a place reserved for the pet to dig; after all, it is instinctive. Another option is to isolate the garden and prevent access; this alternative is recommended if you have many potted plants or flower beds.

Also, pay attention to the plants that your pet has access to, as some houseplants, such as nobody can with me, a glass of milk, anthurium, azalea, St. George’s sword, lily, violet, fern, can be toxic to dogs and cats, and in more severe situations, even leading to death.

Play With Your Pet

The barrier is not always enough to contain the pets; after all, they can jump and crawl underneath, so playing and walking around with the pets is very important. This way they will spend energy and have fun without destroying your garden, besides that it will be very good for your health and that of your pet.

Another cool tip for those who have dogs is to train them to obey commands, this way; you’ll control situations that arise and correct destructive behaviors.