How to design and create a beautiful backyard with composite decking



Creating a beautiful backyard around your composite deck can be very aesthetically appealing. It is very easy to achieve this because composite decks are low-maintenance, nicely designed and can complement your home’s architectural design. We understand every backyard is unique and different, but the key to creating a lovely outdoor space is creativity and careful planning. This article will present you with all the quality ideas you will need in creating a desirable and attractive composite deck backyard.

What to think about when planning a beautiful backyard deck

When you have considered a few backyard deck ideas, you will be itching to put them into action. But it is important to plan accordingly and take certain important factors into account as you build your backyard deck. These factors include:

  • You can use plants, bushes, trees and fencing to outline your border to ensure your backyard landscape is protected. For example, if you have a deck surrounding a pool, you will almost certainly be legally mandated to install a fence from or a barrier to prevent unmonitored pool use. For this reason, fencing panels will be an essential feature in your backyard landscape design.

Furthermore, identifying which plants will best fit your landscape as well as sunlight exposure, maintenance routine and moisture will guide you in choosing the right options.

  • To help curb the problem of overgrown weed or grass, which can ruin your well-tended backyard deck, get rid of old grass turf, dress up your yard with border edging and install landscape fabric for weed control.
  • Some other important features you need to include your composite deck backyard besides ground covers, stonework and greenery include stylish furniture set, gazebo, lighting fixtures etc. These features are highly essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Best backyard composite deck ideas

The right backyard design will enhance the beauty of your home. To achieve this, the way you lay your dacking and how you place the other items around it is crucial. A composite deck can greatly complement or blend with any backyard or landscape. Here are some great tips on how to create or beautify your deck backyard.

Plant Flowers Around Your Deck

A great way of improving the appearance of your deck is by planting flowers around your deck. Another benefit of plants in your yard is that they can create a natural border. We recommend you grow plants that flourish season after season.

Here are some great tips to guide you in improving your yard with plants:



  • Planters or flower pots are items that can add a living element to your deck without sacrificing the available amount of space.
  • Another way of adding greenery to a small yard is via vertical gardening. It is a way of growing plants on the wall. This will not consume space on your composite deck. Just ensure they are small, so you can trim them properly as needed.
  • Container flowers are beautiful for decks and can add colour to your backyard. Using them is a cost-effective gardening technique as only pot (or any container), soil, and an adequate amount of sunlight is needed.
  • Ensure you pick planters with the same colour as your composite deck boards to create a cohesive and uniform look. For instance, a grey planter and a grey composite decking will stand out.

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Enhance the beauty of your deck backyard with lighting.

Even at sunset, you can enjoy the spectacular view and atmosphere of your backyard by utilising the proper lighting technique in your composite deck design. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Light up the pathway with solar lanterns

If you are an eco-conscious individual, then you will love solar lanterns. They are good for the environment and assist in minimising carbon emission.

Solar lanterns are also low maintenance and affordable as they won’t in any way increase your energy bill. You can save up on energy by using solar lights powered via Ensure the lanterns are positioned in a way they will be exposed to sunlight. Ensure the lanterns are positioned in a way they will be exposed to sunlight.

Illuminate flower pots and planter

Another excellent lighting option is the illuminated planters, as they can add beauty to your yard at nights. Your visitors won’t run out of compliments on how beautiful your yard is. Most of them are equipped with LED lights, meaning they display varieties of colour. They can also serve an important function of contributing to the growth of your flower.

Designing and creating a beautiful backyard window isn’t as difficult as you might think. With just a few simple steps, you can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. One great way to enhance the look of your backyard windows is by installing a flower box. These attractive containers are perfect for holding all kinds of plants and flowers, adding color and vibrancy to your home’s exterior.

Light up your deck furniture with bulbs

Are you wishing to host an evening party or get-together, then show off the beauty of your composite deck by lighting up your deck furniture. A properly lit deck will be the cynosure of all eyes. You can use bulbs on the top of your deck table to add beauty and personality to your outdoor space. It will also illuminate the whole yard, allowing for better conversation and a more relaxed atmosphere.

String or fairy lights on trees

Another beautiful way of illuminating your backyard is through fairy lights. They are known for their low power consumption and aesthetics. When hung across trees or deck, they can create a cosy and festive vibe to any outdoor setting.