How to Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In?

Clean Your New Home

Clean Your New Home

While moving to a new home, you must be wondering about what are the things to clean in a new house. Taking all notes before cleaning, is the best decision so that after arranging your stuff you do not miss anything. No matter if you are doing relocation by yourself or with the help of packers and movers Delhi, perfectly deep cleaning your house before moving in is a prerequisite.

Here are step by step processes to clean your home:-

  • Plan it out.

First, prepare all your cleaning tools like gloves, cleaners, soda, bleach, damp sponges, washcloths, etc., to clean your home and prepare a list like what you will be cleaning first, i.e., ceilings, kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, and floors. Choose according to you what is suitable to clean first.

  • Go with the ceilings first.

Cleaning the ceiling, at last, should be avoided because dirt and dust will fall off and can make your walls and floors dusty. So, brush off all the dirt and webs from the corners with a damp cloth or vacuum. Then clean the fans, light fixtures, and lamps, if any. These things are not cleaned often, so take time and wash them carefully and correctly.

Precaution: There is no requirement for cleaning the ceilings with soap; just dust them off. You can prefer detergent, lather, or soap on the fans and lamps to clean them.

  • The walls.

After cleaning the ceiling, all the dust will fall off on the walls. Clean it after that, or else the lousy dust can make marks also. Check the print quality of your walls; the shiner the walls, the more it can handle the scrubbing. First, dust off the walls and then use mild soap, soft sponge/cloth, and warm water; scrub it on your walls lightly and see off the stains, if any and clean it with a bit of pressure. Go from top to bottom. Vinegar clean stains effectively; it smells good and can remove germs easily.

Precaution: Don’t scrub too hard; it can remove paint from your walls.

  • The kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important places to be cleaned because it gets dirty often. Start with the fridge, remove all the shelves and glasses, clean it with soap and a soft sponge, and wash them in the sink; you can use vinegar or baking soda to absorb odor.

Then clean all the kitchen shelves and drawers with soap, water, and a sponge. After cleaning the shelves, put all the utensils inside them.

The most important is the stove and its platform, which need a lot of maintenance. Use soap, hot water, and a sponge to clean it; if the stains are hard to remove, you can apply baking soda to them.

Precaution: Let parts of the fridge get dried first before putting in and wash the soap from it so that it doesn’t leave any mark

  • The bathrooms

There are multiple cleaners present in the market to clean bathrooms. Scrub your bathroom hard to remove all the dirt, wash the tiles, tub, sink, tap, shower, and walls with cleaners, or you can use baking soda and vinegar paste to remove the hard stains. Always keep a freshener in your bathroom.

  • Clean your Wardrobes 

Cleaning your wardrobes before keeping your things is very important. You can clean it with soap, a sponge and a wet cloth.

Precaution: Do not scrub your furniture; it can lose its shine.

  • Floors and carpets

Spot clean your carpets or deep clean with mild soap and warm water to remove germs and stains. You can give your carpet to professionals to wash it. Clean your floors by the manufacturer’s direction, and most floors can be cleaned with mild soap and water. There are some floor cleaners present in the market you should regularly use to keep it clean.

Here are some basic steps you should keep in mind before moving into a new home. packers and movers in Gurgaon are very concerned about your goods and they deliver them without any damage to those household items. But it is pretty much mandatory to deep clean your new home and items before moving in.

Hope you find it helpful!