Five Ways To Update Your Home

Update Your Home

Update Your Home

After a year at home, many of us are looking to update our spaces with colour, greenery and few smart updates. Your home can impact your quality of life and overall stress levels. Simple improvements can help to make you feel more at ease in your space. Practical improvements can also change the way things run and how efficient your house is.

Here are five simple ways to update your home without breaking the bank.

Open space

A recent study by Bankrate found that an open floorplan is a priority for new home buyers. Many people want an open floor plan so that the kitchen, living room and dining room flow together. A vast open space creates the illusion of a larger home and more room for activities and family time. You can also add an outdoor kitchen to expand the size of your living and entertaining space.

To create an open space in your current property, consider removing some of your furnishings. Open homes typically stick to a neutral colour palette with few furnishings. Move some of your items around the space and paint nay bulky wooden furniture in off white to help it blend in.

Looking for ways to update your home this summer? Check out these creative summer kitchen designs from RTA Outdoor Living that can transform your outdoor space into a functional and stylish gathering place.


If your home has poor lighting, it’s likely to feel dark and cramped. Opt for bright lighting with either spotlights or floor lamps to create a fresher space. You can even style your lighting with funky bulbs and bold lamp shades.

Smart tech

Smart technology can make a massive difference to the way your home functions. Install a new boiler for a more efficient energy system that can save you significant amounts of money in the long run.


Remove any heavy curtains from your windows and replace them with sheer fabric instead. Windows should frame the best views from your home and act as a gateway between the indoor and outdoor. Dress your windowsills with a few succulents and plants to freshen up space.

It’s also worth checking the condition of your window treatments. Check to see if your windows are rotten or the paint is peeling. It might be time to replace your windows altogether with double glazed, high-quality panels.


Clean up your walls and give them a fresh lick of paint. A bright colour can give your home a fresh lease of life and a new accent colour. You could use rich teal paint to transform your kitchen into a mid-century modern haven. Or use a neutral colour palette and embrace your inner minimalist style.