How to choose the best commercial shades and blinds



When it comes to implementing window treatments for commercial use, the shades and blinds can play a massive role in creating the ideal ambiance. You may be setting up a new office, or a high-end restaurant, and those exquisite shades and blinds that stick to windows can make a lot of difference to its aesthetic appeal.

Commercial spaces will understandably need to accommodate several people in a room. You ought to prioritize some basic design tips. This article covers it all, to help you choose the ideal commercial window treatments.


Even before you start thinking about which shades promise to have a visual appeal, you must emphasize the safety measures. Make it a point including the building contractor for determining the specific type of window treatments for your commercial space interiors.

Essentially, work on how safe a particular window treatment will be. It is a vital consideration, as in case of emergencies; the occupants should not find it difficult leaving the room through the doors and windows. Likewise, you should also take into account the flammability of these shades and blinds. For more help visit


The comfort factor

The comfort factor

As you know, the sole idea behind window treatments is to increase room comfort. You must spare no efforts in making the interiors comfortable for the occupants. If they regularly require pulling the shades up and down, it signals they are feeling uncomfortable. Remember, the comfort of the room depends on the following:

  • Window position: Naturally, windows facing eastward or westward will receive the bulk of the sunlight. So, you should make the necessary arrangements for blocking the sun and insulate the room from heat.
  • Light control: Improper illumination can be a cause of discomfort too. So, decide upfront, how much light you prefer entering the room. You can also choose to block outside lights completely. Whatever you plan, ensure it is full proof. We will discuss this in detail.
  • Room Environment: The purpose of your commercialization will determine the amount of light you allow inside for convenience. For specific jobs, you should go for office blinds that allow some light or decide on blocking it altogether.
Light Control elaborated

Light Control elaborated

Light Control elaborated

We already emphasized lighting will depend on the type of work you will do in the room. A bright room seems rejuvenating and instills a sense of energy. On the other hand, commercial places where quietness and concentration are the order for the day, dark rooms are the best bet. Fortunately, whatever might be your requirements, there are specific shades and blinds for you. Here we take a look at them.

Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades

These cellular shades, more popularly known as honeycomb shades are massively popular for all the right reasons. Honeycomb shades make fantastic insulators. As the name suggests, it creates a double wall, and owing to its shape and drastically reduces outside heat. Furthermore, this design helps to keep the room darker and cool which keeps the energy bills down.

Hunter Douglas is a top brand in the world of window treatments, and their honeycomb blinds are no exception regarding style, functionality, and energy efficiency. With their innovative design, Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds offer excellent insulation and light control, making them a perfect choice for any home or office space.

Roller Shades

Roller shades as we all know are prevalent for long, but they have never lost their functionality. For commercial organizations looking for window treatments on a budget, roller shades are the best option. You also have the convenience of choosing from a wide array of designs and styles. Roller shades are excellent in blocking outside light and ensuring privacy in the interiors. It can be an ideal solution for windows that connect rooms and the exterior windows.

Aluminum Blinds

Like the roller shades, aluminum blinds remain an indispensable option for commercial organizations since the last nine decades. Commercial aluminum blinds let you block sunlight with the help of a cord. To complement the d├ęcor of the interiors, these blinds are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions. Consider these blinds for conference rooms that require a day-to-night transition for viewing presentations and media.

Durability and sustainability

Of course, when you intend to invest in window treatments, the first question you will want to know, the durability of these products. The good news, present-day window treatments are both durable and sustainable. Importantly, it gives you the freedom of using them for a long period, and recycle them when you feel, they are no longer efficient. With the availability of green window treatments, it makes the commercial spaces look elegantly charming.

So, remember this guide, and make sure, you consult a window treatment specialist. They will offer adequate guidelines for refining the design and making it space comfortable.