5 Ways To Usher in a New Look for Your Home This 2023

Ways To Usher in a New Look for Your Home

Ways To Usher in a New Look for Your Home

There are several ways you can usher in the new year. You can go ice fishing or hit the clubs. You can also stay home and spruce up your space. Science says this alternative is suitable to celebrate as it increases your dopamine levels, releasing stress.

So, if you’re looking for a productive way to spend the first month of the year, check out the top five ways to give your Canadian home that 2023 look it deserves.

1. Give Your Home a Fresh Paint Job

If it’s your first time painting a wall, consult a friendly painter or check the Pinterest app for colour guides. You need these resources as specific colours can create different moods. While blue can be soothing, yellow is all about energy. If you’re up to the challenge, try paint effects using a stencil.

2. Let Go of Some Pieces

Times change and some things may no longer be as useful as before. You can let go of some furniture and home appliances by selling them in second-hand stores. Another approach is to give them free in a furniture bank or a local Moving Program that helps families struggling against homelessness and abuse.

3. Rearrange Furniture

Organizing and rearranging furniture is a staple among interior design and home enthusiasts because, unlike other tips, it doesn’t require going out or spending. A suggestion that should work for every room is to begin with the most oversized furniture. So, for the living room, start with the sofa; for the bedroom, begin with the bed.

After deciding where to place the most oversized furniture, you can start working on the smaller pieces. Remember that electronics will have to be placed near the electrical outlets.

4. Add Some Green Details

In 2020, one in five Canadians started a garden. However, growing indoor plants can be just as beneficial. It can help improve a room’s vibe and add a boost to your indoor air quality. Pick plants according to your level of confidence and expertise.

Play around with unusual pots and planters. Tending to your plants’ basic needs, such as placing them near sunlight, watering, and repotting, can add productive steps to your weekly routine.

5. Add a New Piece

Reclaimed furniture is one of the most popular pieces people splurge on these days. They are made from upcycled wood sourced from old buildings like barns and warehouses. Some people prefer doing their DIY projects using reclaimed wood. However, considering the cost of sorting and transporting materials, getting a finished product may be a wiser option.

Many people like furniture made from reclaimed wood better because it combines the things they love: sustainability, durability, and a lot of history. There are furniture shops like Woodcraft that specialize in reclaimed pieces.

Woodcraft has showrooms in Markham, Whitby, and Mississauga, where you can find the Adelaide Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table. It’s a multipurpose piece where you can hang out with friends and works as a sturdy table where you can be quiet for work.

Go for a New Look This New Year

Creating a new look for the new year doesn’t have to be costly or back-breaking. At most, you only need to add a fresh piece, a splash of paint, and some indoor plants. You can also sell or donate things you don’t use anymore and rearrange the rest of your pieces.