A Guide to Utility Trailers

Instead of a massive and bulky truck to run your hauling, you should consider investing in a utility trailer. It is handier than you think. Moreover, you can avoid paying extra money for delivering furniture and appliances and easily use it for multiple purposes.

Applications of Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are used for the following applications –

Trash Cleanup

You can use utility trailers to easily haul trash and debris in mass quantities. When you are cleaning up with a lawn, utility trailers can make the cleanup process considerably easier.

Transporting Furniture From One Location to Another

There is no need to hire a moving truck when you have a utility truck to easily haul your furniture to a new location. These trailers are capable of easily hauling furniture and many other house items from one place to another. Even if you end up renting a utility trailer, it will be more affordable than renting movers or moving trucks.

Moving Powersports Equipment And Small Vehicles

Carrying Powersports equipment as well as vehicles are among the common applications of utility vehicles. You can load a Side-by-Side, ATV, Dirt Bike, etc. on a utility trailer. It is an extremely cost-effective way to transport small vehicles without any hassle.

Carrying Supplies

Utility trailers are also popularly used for carrying and hauling the supplies of construction sites. These trailers are used efficiently to carry different types of supplies from stores to job sites.

Understanding the Trailer Parts and Accessories

Below are some of the most important parts and accessories included in the trailers –

Ball Mount

This is a removable bracket that locks in the hitch and fastens the hitch ball to the trailer. These are used to level the trailer for towing. You will also find combo ball mounts that already come integrated with a ball.

Hitch Ball

It is among the most vital aspects required in attaching a trailer safely to the towing vehicle. It is connected to the ball mount and is secured to the trailer’s coupler. These balls come in different sizes.

Wiring Adapter

When connecting the lights of the trailer to the towing vehicle, generally, an adapter is required to ensure all lights work efficiently. Wiring adapter comes in different forms based on the type of your trailer.


Trailers come with a ramp gate, which can be folded to provide easy access while storing things. But they are not included in the many trailers, and if this is the case, you can easily purchase it from the stores.

Safety Chain

A crisscrossed safety chain forms an X shape and gets to the trailers in order to tow the vehicle.  This keeps the trailer attached to the towing vehicle in case the hitch ball and coupler separate.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Utility Trailer

If you are thinking of buying a trailer but unsure how to go about it, this is the perfect guide.

What Is The Purpose of The Trailer?

When considering the type of utility trailer you want to buy, the first thing is to determine its purpose. Irrespective of what your intent is, the utility trailer will end up performing more functions that you initially plan for.

However, the main aspect to consider is the type of load you will generally carry on it. For basic needs like hauling standard home equipment or doing trash runs, a standard 5’ x 8’ should be adequate.

But if you are looking to cater to more heavy projects, then you would need a 7’x 16’ or 7’ x 18’ trailer. Choose a bigger trailer than what you think would be sufficient for your purpose.

Towing Capacity of Your Vehicle

The next step is to consider your vehicle specifications to determine the towing capacity. Look at the owner’s manual, and there you will find the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. If not, you can directly call the dealership and enquire about the same.

The towing capacity would include the trailer weight along with the cargo weight. It is imperative to consider the pulling capacity of the vehicle along with stopping capacity. It will take longer to stop the vehicle if the trailer and cargo weight is more than your vehicle itself.

Consider the Add-Ons

Before you start looking for truck body manufacturers in India to buy utility trailers, consider the add-ons you want to include. If you are looking to haul trash, including loose debris, then you would like a trailer with sides. And if you want to buy it for recreational purposes, then you might want to add a ramp.

Moreover, it is recommended to buy a trailer that is as wide as your towing vehicle. This will mitigate the wind drag and improve maneuverability.

When it comes to buying a utility trailer, remember to consider the type of trailer as well. There is an open and enclosed trailer, and each of them has its distinctive features and usability.