NutriBullet Vs Ninja: Which is the Better Blender?

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When it comes to making healthy food, a blender is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment. You can make healthy smoothies, delicious sauces, nut butter, and so much more.

Choosing a blender can be difficult as there is a lot of choice on the market. NutriBullet and Ninja are two blender brands that are considered the best as they are powerful yet inexpensive. 

To see who comes out on top in this NutriBullet Vs Ninja comparison, it’s wise to check reviews on sites like Kitchen Habit. It’s a good idea to gather as much information as you can before you take the plunge and go for one of these blender brands.

Overview of NutriBullet Blenders

NutriBullet is one of the most popular blender brands in the world, with millions of units sold each year. The blender craze started with the Magic Bullet, which is an inexpensive personal blender that allows you to make a healthy smoothie in a matter of minutes. 

The NutriBullet system of blenders is the simplest way to make smoothies, and this is why they are so popular. You can add any type of ingredient, including fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and blend them into a healthy meal in a handful of seconds. 

NutriBullets can also make other foods, such as sauces, soups, milkshakes, baby food, and much more. They are versatile and portable, meaning you can take them with you to work or on a run. 

There are lots of different models of NutriBullet, meaning there is a model for everyone. The available NutriBullets are as follows:

  • NutriBullet 600
  • NutriBullet Pro 900
  • NutriBullet Rx
  • NutriBullet Combo
  • Magic Bullet

Overview of Ninja Blenders

Ninja is another popular brand, and they also sell millions of units each year. Unlike NutriBullet, Ninja also sells a wide range of kitchen appliances, from coffee machines to food processors. 

While NutriBullet specializes in personal blenders, Ninja produces an array of different models. They make personal blenders, countertop blenders, and 2-in-1 combos. 

There are hundreds of Ninja models on the market, and too many to list here. Here is a selection of the most popular Ninja models:

  • Ninja BL456 Nutri Edge Blender
  • Ninja BL642 Personal Countertop Blender
  • Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System
  • Ninja Blender Duo

The great thing about Ninja blenders is that they are built to last. They are well made and durable, and there is a model for everyone. They are a lot cheaper than expensive blender brands such as Vitamix or Blendtec, even for complex kitchen systems. 

The main reason people opt for a Ninja blender over a NutriBullet is the versatility of a Ninja blender. They don’t just make smoothies, they can make almond milk, cashew milk, nut butter, dough, batter, and even some food processing. 

Ninja Vs NutriBullet Blenders: Main Differences

The main difference between Ninja and NutriBullet blenders is how they are used. NutriBullet blenders are generally used to quickly whip up a healthy smoothie in a matter of minutes. Ninja blenders are more of an all-in-one kitchen tool that is used for more complex cooking operations.

Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely make a nice sauce or blend some nut butter in a NutriBullet, but that’s not what they are marketed for. Convenience, ease of use, and a cheap price are the name of the game with a NutriBullet.

On the other hand, Ninja blenders are usually higher in price (although there are cheaper models). They also usually come with larger containers that allow you to make food for the whole family, and some Ninja models come with mixing bowls specifically for food processing. 

Another difference between Ninja and NutriBullet blenders is the size. Nutribullets are small and portable and are designed to leave as small a footprint as possible. This makes them easy to carry around, and you can take a NutriBullet to the office without it getting in your way.

Ninja blenders are larger and bulky and are designed to sit on your countertop. The reason for this is that they are generally more powerful than a NutriBullet, and are not designed to be carried around. A Ninja blender is a kitchen tool and therefore should stay in the kitchen. 

NutriBullet Vs Ninja Blenders: Conclusion

Ninja and NutriBullet both make fantastic blenders, and choosing one all comes down to personal preference. If you just want to make a quick smoothie now and again and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then go for a NutriBullet model like the NutriBullet Pro 900 of the Magic Bullet.

If you want something a little more robust and plan of making lots of different recipes, then a Ninja model will be the best choice. They are a little more expensive, but give you the ability to make milk, butter, dough, and even grind dry grains.