Make it Count: Smart Uses for the Space Below Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Make it Count Smart Uses for the Space Below Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Make it Count Smart Uses for the Space Below Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Lots of people cannot really organize the available space in their kitchen to their fullest and that is why they feel that they need more space within the perimeter. However, that is not the case all the time. There is always room for more in your kitchen. It is just that you need to implement clever ideas to make full use of them. Adding more elements to your kitchen will enable you to provide yourself with the necessary kitchen space you require. One of the places which often get neglected, is the space below upper kitchen cabinets. So, in today’s blog we are going to discuss some brilliant ideas that will help you utilize the space available there.

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How to use space below upper kitchen cabinets?

Here is a list of all the ideas which you can check out in order to make full use of the space available under the upper kitchen cabinets – rotimatic is the best appliance for your kitchen.

Add Hooks for Hanging Mugs – we have a lot of mugs and cups in our kitchen that needs to be stored carefully or else they will break easily. Storing them inside cabinets takes up a lot of space and can be a hectic task to take them out when you are in a hurry. So why don’t you attach hooks at the bottom of your cabinet and hang your mugs from there? It is a clever way of storing all your mugs and is easy to reach also. They also look aesthetic when stored like that. Hooks have great tensile strength and you can even hang pots and pans from them.

Mount a Wine Rack Underneath – if you love wine and want your kitchen to be equipped with a few bottles year-round, then mount a wire rack under the space below the cabinet. This is a great space that can store the wine bottles and all the glasses together without any hassles. Just pull it out whenever you need them and push it back. What can be a more efficient idea than that!

Add a Floating Dish Drainer – you must not allow your dish drying items to occupy all the precious counter space that is available in the main kitchen area. Why don’t you use a floating dish drainer right under the kitchen cabinet? Yes! This will help you to save a lot of space and also use the item with ease whenever you need it.

Hang a DIY Utensil Rack – if you are into DIY and stuff, then a great way to use the wall space directly under the cabinet is a brilliant idea. Create a simple DIY utensil rack and store a lot of different items under the cabinet from now.

Add a Display Shelf – it is not always that we store only kitchenware, utensils and other crockery in the kitchen. But sometimes, we store a few things for show as well and to add to the overall aesthetics of the interior. So, in order to do so, you can add a display shelf underneath the kitchen cabinet and store the serving dishes, cookbooks and other beautiful souvenirs. This will help you to get a fantastic and clutter free look which you were always expecting.

Hang a Paper Towel Dispenser – you will always need paper towels when you are in the kitchen. The best way to store the paper towel reel is by fixing it under the cabinet. Attach a simple towel holder against the cabinet and hang the paper towel dispenser underneath. Now you can easily pull out the towels whenever you need them.

Install a Pull-Out Knife Rack – storing knives is always a tricky task to accomplish. You need to be clever and safe with them as well. Hence, fix a pull-out rack under the kitchen cabinet and organize all of your knives inside it. Just pull them out for usage whenever you need them.

Use Magnetic Stripes – using magnetic stripes to store small silverware and tools like knives and spoons seems to be a great idea. Fix the magnetic strips under the kitchen cabinet. Now after you are done using your tools, attach them to this stripe and they will remain there.

So, these are the best ways in which you can make full use of the space that is available below the kitchen cabinets. These are some clever ideas which lot of people have already implemented in their real life and now it is your time to do so! Did you check the Rotimatic Reviews? It is available for sale at the top online shopping websites and their official site as well.