6 Essential Tech Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Should Own in 2020



Today’s entrepreneurs are short on time and have several projects going on in parallel. Just looking at the number of productivity videos and their views on YouTube itself will give you an idea of how many people are focused on getting more things done in their 24 hours. Most of today’s entrepreneurs are also tech-savvy and in this post, we are going to look at 6 essential tech gadgets every entrepreneur should own to stay productive and at their very best.

As an entrepreneur, you need to stay ahead of the game, whether it is in terms of your business, or personal development. Using gadgets and technology to improve efficiency and boost productivity at all times. Profitboss founder Adam Guild states that in this day and age, entrepreneurs need to realize that just like everyone else, they too have 24 hours. The real challenge is to convert those 24 hours into something far more productive. Tech products and gadgets are a boon for high-performance entrepreneurs who are looking to make the most of every single second. 

A Reliable Smartphone

As an entrepreneur, I spend most of my time on my phone whether it is calls, emails, or even virtual meetings. The first thing on the list of essential tech gadgets for entrepreneurs is a reliable smartphone. When I say reliable smartphone I mean, a phone that has sufficient storage, good audio quality, and a battery that lasts or fast charging. Such requirements almost mean you will have to get a flagship phone from leading brands such as Apple or Samsung–but it will be worth it.

11 Inch Laptop

I have 3 laptops and the one that I always use is my 11-inch Macbook. The 11-inch laptop is the perfect size with a good enough processor and portability that easily fits into a backpack. When buying your productivity laptop, ensure that you compare features and prices and pick the best 11 inch laptop so that it will serve you well through your entrepreneur journey.

Bluetooth Headphones

Most phone manufacturers have ditched the headphone jack and as a result, Bluetooth headphones have become an absolute necessity. There are plenty of great Bluetooth headphones for different purposes but you consider something that has active noise cancellation so that you can be focused on your work without distractions. As someone who keeps buying Bluetooth headphones, my advice will be to avoid cheap Bluetooth headphones as they tend to stop working fairly quickly.

A Tablet

You might be working if you have a laptop, why do you need a tablet. The answer is that sometimes, it is convenient to work from a tablet than a laptop. This is especially true if you are traveling or working on presentations that require the use of a device such as a stylus. Your tablet can also become your companion for media consumption or even reading ebooks for leisure. Considering all of the benefits, a tablet is a must-buy for entrepreneurs.

A Smart Watch

I was never a big fan of a smartwatch but when I tried my friend’s smart watch for a few weeks, I realized how useful the device is. Smartwatches are great to track your health, your notifications and smart watches such as the Apple iWatch which seamlessly syncs with your iPhone are extremely useful during meetings. It is generally considered impolite to reach out to your phones during meetings and this is when a smartwatch will become very useful.

A Power Bank

With all these gadgets, you need to have reliable power when you are on the move. It is a great idea to invest in a good power bank that has the capability to supply power to your laptop, smart phone and smart watch. You can even consider getting a wireless power bank so that you do not have to carry around all of the cables required for charging your devices.

So these were some of the best tech gadgets every entrepreneur should own. Which is your favorite tech gadget? Let us know in the comments section.

Anoob is an entrepreneur, blogger and founder of easycowork.com. He loves writing about technology, ways to earn money online and career planning.