Job Description Templates: Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions to Attract Candidates

Job Description

Job Description

Hiring is a great responsibility as well as a duty. It requires attracting the right candidates for the job. To attract better-talented candidates, one has to put in extra effort and write the perfect job description. A job description consists of an outline of all responsibilities of the job advertised. Therefore, having an effective and engaging job description is key. To attract talented candidates through an effective job description, you can avail free job description templates by

The following are the tips, tricks, and suggestions given by the experienced and professional HR representatives in order to attract talented candidates:

1. Get the Job Title Right

Job titles play a crucial role in imparting the first impression on the minds of the potential candidates. If these are creative, that is a plus. However, if it sounds too flowery or artificial, then it might turn off the potential candidates from applying. Refrain from using ambiguous terms like ‘ninja’, ‘guru’, and ‘rockstar’. Make sure to be specific about the job titles because job boards do not like extra flavored titles. Write specific keywords. Write everything that is required without adding extra words or overwriting. This will save your effort in dealing with the wrong types of resumes that are actually attracted by that flowery job title. 

2. Start with a Short, Engaging Overview of the Job

A precise, comprehensive, and a well-explanatory job overview is necessary to attract candidates. The overview should not exceed two to four sentences that explain the job’s major function and its impact on achieving the objectives, goals and influencing society as a whole. The overview should explain how the advertised job will contribute to solving social issues or existing business problems. Using invitational language like “Come join a creative team of … dedicated to …” is quite effective.

3. Avoid Superlatives or Extreme Modifiers

The whole job description should refrain from having words like ‘world-class’, ‘perfectionists’, ‘off the charts’ and ‘best of the best’. These superlatives often distract and confuse the applicants, discourage them, and hence lead to fewer submission of applications. Underrepresented minorities and women often get confused and do not apply for such job positions. 

4. Formatting Matters

One of the most important elements of writing a comprehensive and effective job description is correct business formatting. You must make bullet points, equally divide paragraphs, and set equal margins on both sides. A perfect job description should not exceed 150 words. Otherwise, you risk losing the attention of the potential applicant.

5. Location

Providing the correct and comprehensive location is necessary to help candidates understand and visit the office at the time of the interview. Mention specific job location in your job description. If your office is in a town just outside the city area, mention the complete address and refer by saying ‘’this position is located at our office, 15 minutes outside the city’’. Therefore, a correct location will help candidates to determine their convenience of reaching the office. 

These are just a few tips and tricks that can help the recruiters during the process. Attracting the right candidates is crucial for any business.