Why generator maintenance is important

generator maintenanceCredit: Pixabay

The world is seeing an increasing dependency on electrical power – from day to day functioning of home to office premises to major manufacturing units; the dependency is only set to increase. It is imperative that there is continuous availability of power to help businesses function normally. And hence, to avoid disruptions in power facilities most companies across the world are making investments in backup power systems called generators.  

Investing in these type of systems can be a supremely expensive affair, companies should be aware that these systems require routine maintenance in order for the generator to function without any glitches. Avoiding maintenance or regular repairs when needed, will cause the generator to break down when it is most needed. Thus, it is crucial to opt for Expert Generator Hire services to ensure efficient and reliable power backup for your business.

Today’s generator systems are more complex and require a deeper understanding if the maintenance procedures, the system to deal with sudden breakdowns and how to tackle them. Getting information beforehand or signing an annual maintenance with service and Repair Company will save you from wasting crucial business time in the event of a failure. Here are some of the reasons that may lead to a breakdown.

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1. Battery breakdown

Most generators often breakdown due to battery failure. Most of the battery failure causes are related to sulfation buildup or more commonly known as the accrual of lead sulfates on the lead acid battery plates. When a large part of the plate is covered in sulfates, the battery will be unable to provide enough current and will have to eventually be replaced. If the battery plate is exposed to air for a longer duration, it will sulfate quickly. There are a host of reasons for battery failure, but before it gets to a critical point, it is imperative to call in our experts from MD&A Turbines to help service and repair your generators. Likewise, we also help in servicing your gas turbine as well as performing repairs when required. 

2. Oil, fuel and coolant leaks

Oil leaks are not just leaks but are often called as “wet stacking” which is caused by the accrual of carbon particles, unburned fuel, lube oil, condensed water, and acids in the exhaust system – most often caused by low combustion chamber temperature. 

Oil leaks can also be associated with crankcase breathers. Most of the crankcase breathers vent just below the engine. The fumes that emanate from the breather contain an oil mist that could form a puddle beneath the engine, thus possibly coating it with a layer of oil on which debris and dust is eventually collected. There are the option of installing recirculating breathers to separate the oil and churn it back to the engine while other fumes are returned to the engine air intake.

A range of issues could lead to major oil, coolant and fuel leaks. But the team of experts at MD&A turbines are well equipped to handle your generators repairs and service. 

3. Air in the fuel system

If a generator is not operational regularly, this is a commonly occurring problem in the newer generators. Most new fuel systems today have to meet the emission requirements and are hence more vulnerable to air playing truant during a start-up. Older generators don’t have this issue but they may have a leak in the live or perhaps they may have valves that do not hold fuel properly. 

Hence, if your business is home to a newer generator version, then regular maintenance and repairs are a necessity. There are a host of reasons for your generator to stop functioning or to have an unplanned outage. Whatever the reason, MD&A will help service and repair your steam turbines, gas turbines and generators routinely and will save you from unplanned outages.