Your Guide To Granny Flats For Ageing Parents



If you have ageing parents, you must often find yourself worrying about their health and living conditions while not being able to physically be with them when they need you the most. It is likely to be concerned and worried about your ageing parents – you wouldn’t want to live too close to them probably because of your studies and job prospects, while they wouldn’t want to shift into your homes for the sake of privacy. Granny Flats are a great meet-in-the-middle solution for you if you are faced with such a dilemma. 

What are Granny Flats?

Granny Flats are essentially self-contained living areas, designed as living spaces for 1-2 individuals. They are great as they can be attached to your own home as an extension, or can be slightly detached as a outhouse. It is called as such, because they are popular methods for individuals to accommodate and take care of their ageing parents and loved ones.

Commercially, in builder language, Granny Flats are essentially called accessory dwelling units and carriage units. They can be used for numerous other accommodation and storage purposes too. They are considered pretty tiny houses, and are growing in their popularity within the senior and retired individuals category. 

What is living in a Granny Flat like?

Granny Flats are great to live in for 1-2 people who are simply looking to spend a quite time with their loved ones. Not other do Granny Flats contain all amenities like a kitchen, bathrooms, a lounge and a bedroom, they are also very convenient for older citizens to live in due to the minimal maintenance required. They are often designed as mini versions of the homes they are placed aside. 

There is a common misconception that all Granny Flats are designed to be boring and tasteless. However, Todd Devine Homes innovative granny flat designs are pretty popular in individuals looking for convenience and style. Granny Flats can also have surveillance systems installed into them in case individuals look for extra care for their loved ones. Additionally, amenities such as medication dispensing machines and thermostats can also be installed to further facilitate the inhabitants.

What are the advantages of a Granny Flat?

Other than the obvious advantage of them proving living space for your loved ones, they add to the overall value of your property. Extra living space is always welcomes and the retail value of your property is likely to go up. 

To add to the above, Granny Flats keep your family together while giving both of you the independence and privacy you deserve. While your older loved ones will have you by their side whenever they need you and could avoid being lonely in their time, you’d also be able to maintain your own level of privacy and live your life without any interruptions. 

Furthermore, Granny Flats are a great living option for ageing individuals as they wouldn’t have to spend time maintaining their home at all. They could live peacefully, enjoy their day with their family, complete any chores they may have, and live a life of ease in their home.