Writing a Dissertation Fast: An Easy System (800 words)

Writing a Dissertation Fast

Writing a Dissertation Fast

So, you’ve come to the final part of your Ph.D. journey: dissertation writing. Dissertation writing is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks that you will take on in your academic career. But it’s critical that you finish it, as completing your dissertation will put you on track to really launch your career and move on to the next phase. Many students find themselves overwhelmed with the scale of dissertation writing and end up taking much longer to finish than they expected. So here are some tips for how you can streamline the process of academic dissertation writing. Follow these suggestions to knock out your dissertation quickly!

Writing a Fast Dissertation: Preparation is Key

Careful planning and preparation will make the process of academic dissertation writing go much more smoothly. Set yourself up for success by following these steps to start your academic dissertation on the right foot.

The first step to writing a good dissertation quickly is to choose your topic well. Your topic should be relevant to the current discourse in your field. It should also be something you find interesting. If you are doing original research, make sure that your experimental design is feasible, affordable, and realistic.

Once you have a topic, you’ll need to identify a research question. A good research question is focused and specific. It should be possible to answer definitively and not require any value judgements.

  • Create a detailed outline

Now that you have your topic and research question, it’s time to plan out your dissertation. You’ll want to refer to the parts of a dissertation when you create your outline. Think of your outline as a framework that you will fill in as you write.

  • Draw up a realistic timeline

Once you have an outline, plan out your timeline for your research. How long will it take you to complete each stage? Will you need to apply for funding or find research assistants? Don’t forget to account for editing and revision once you’ve written a draft.

Putting in the Work: Researching and Writing Effectively

Now that you have a solid framework and timeline, it’s time to dive into the real substance of your project. Researching and writing effectively are essential to writing a fast dissertation. Don’t just randomly download some articles and start reading. You need to have a strategy.

The literature review is often a great place to start your project for this reason. As you read through and identify relevant sources, make sure you use a citation manager to organize your reading and notes. Choose reliable sources from reputable journals. Don’t read everything in detail — skimming articles to figure out which ones are relevant to your research is not only fine, it’s recommended. Once you find a particularly relevant article or author, use their bibliography as a guide for other relevant sources.

Writing efficiently is also important. Many first-time dissertation writers make the mistake of thinking they should finish research first and then start writing. You can do this, but it will double the time you spend writing. It’s better to write as you research. Once you have a first draft, an editing service can help you with the next steps. Above all, make sure you plan your schedule so that you have sufficient time to rest. By writing daily at a steady pace, you’ll be able to finish more quickly than if you wait for inspiration to strike.

Managing Stress to Stay on Track

One of the hardest parts of writing an academic dissertation is just enduring the process. Many researchers find themselves stressed and full of anxiety, burdened by writer’s block, or overwhelmed by how large the task seems. To avoid this, create a routine early and stick to it. Include breaks, exercise, and socializing in your routine to maintain some level of balance in your life. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed with anxiety and isolation. Above all, don’t hesitate to talk to your advisor and colleagues if you are struggling. Sometimes, a friendly word of support is all it takes to get you back on track.

Final Thoughts

Writing your dissertation fast is the best way to prepare for the next part of your career. Academic dissertation writing is a big task, but with careful planning and strategizing, you can complete your project quickly, and with minimal struggle. By choosing a good topic and research question, creating a suitable outline and timeline, researching smartly, using citation managers and editing services, and adhering to a reasonable schedule that also allows you time to rest and relax, you can write your thesis-dissertation faster than you ever dreamed. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your dissertation project today!