Why You Can’t Increase Direct Hotel Bookings: 6 Factors



Making sure that you boost the number of bookings is extremely important for any business in the accommodation sector. But the reality is that you will find a variety of factors why you can’t increase the number of bookings. What can you do in a situation like this? It always comes down to understanding what’s wrong and trying to remedy it.

No online advertising

If you rely on booking websites, then you won’t receive a lot of direct hotel bookings. The way to circumvent that is to use proven tips like online advertising. These can be incredibly helpful and you will find them to work extremely well. While you pay for ads, you will receive great revenue from people booking your hotel.

Current reviews

When people see reviews that are not very positive, that automatically makes them think your services might not be up to par. It’s even worse if there’s no reply to these reviews, so try to keep that under control and monitor all review sites the best way that you can. It will help you boost the number of hotel bookings with great efficiency, while also saving plenty of time.

No website / lackluster website

You need to have a good website to ensure that your clients are informed and they can book a room from there. If you don’t have a website or if it’s a very old website with outdated features, that might detract people from directly booking your hotel.

No social media presence

Ideally, you want to have a presence on most social media websites. A social media presence boosts engagement and shares, and it will also provide you with a great way to boost your revenue in the long term. Make sure that you implement everything accordingly, and once you do that, the value will be exceptional and second to none.

There’s no reward for direct booking

You can try a variety of ways to reward people when they book directly. Maybe you will have a lower price for direct booking, a discount for drinks or complementary services, anything like that. Not only will it allow you to grab the attention of customers, but they will be inclined to book your hotel directly too.

No communication system on your site

If your website has no way to directly communicate with you, that’s an issue. More often than not, people will have questions and they won’t know who can answer them. If you don’t have live chat, an email address or your phone number, that might lead to less direct bookings.

Don’t hesitate to use these ideas and see how much they can help your business. It’s very helpful to take your time, implement all these great features and ensure that people find it very easy to book your hotel’s services. Doing that will boost your revenue, but it will also lead to better reviews in the long run and a great experience for your clients. That’s exactly what you need to take into consideration when you don’t see a lot of direct bookings for your hotel!