Why pursue a Green Belt Course   

Green Belt Course   

Green Belt

The Green Belt Course is an IASSC certified course consisting of Six Sigma Green Belt professional learning in order to train and improve the skills of an employee so that they could be a pro at handling tough projects or leading a team while devising their skillset as their full-time job in an organisation.  

Basically, Green Belts are employees who have been trained under the Six Sigma improvement system and they have a deeper perception of the overall process. They work with centralised project managers to convey opinions and management conduction of aim. 

The management philosophy centres on an efficient understanding of consumer needs, improving business work and intensifying the financial execution of an organisation. Six Sigma methodology incorporates strong knowledge of figures, engineering, procedure and process-based management for project managers. 

Ways to Become Six Sigma Green Belt  

  • (24 hours ) 3days of E-learning and online training: If you have registered for the live session of the online training course, then you will be given an entree to all the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt live-online classes for a period of 6 months. You will get the benefit of opting to live demo concourse at your convenience with the expertise of instructions. You can clear all your enquiries in just 2-hour free demo. 
  • Extensive training for IASSC Certified Green Belt exams: After completing the training session from a qualified institution you will be eligible to give exams. Besides, you will be allotted 3-hour exams containing approx. 20 MCQs and true/false questions from the major section of Six Sigma Green Belt knowledge. 
  • End to End exams training guide and help: You can try the ASQ CSSGB exam with a time-based test. In the end, you will score and have the option to review your questions and gain knowledge. You can also go for the CSSGB question guide which is perfect for being exams ready. 
  • Gain ability in contributing to the success of an organization by applying six sigma methods: This skillset improvises the organization’s products, services, and methodology across several steps including manufacturing, marketing, economics and management. It aims at the success of six sigma projects and intensifies the competing state.  
  • Certification provided through PEOPLECERT for Lean Six Sigma Belt: PEOPLECERT is a global networking dealing in the evaluation and certification of professionalism and delivering market-leading exams. Together PEOPLECERT and IASSC worked hard to grade Lean Six Sigma Certification worldwide. 
  • Free 180 days E-Learning course of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: The E-learning course provides candidates with 180 days approach to the study elements and includes final certified exams conducted by Lean Six Sigma institutes. It helps candidates to understand the tools and techniques to deliver great results in an organization. 

About the Course 

The Six Sigma course improves performance skills by systematically cutting down waste and reducing other elements. Six Sigma can remove eight kinds of defects including excess-manufacturing, time wastage, not fully utilising talent, conveying, listing, movement, and excess processing. 

Candidates go for the six sigma which certifies grading with the belt system. These belts are awarded based on performance within the team. Six Sigma Green Belt consists of following several criteria certification.  

1.Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training 

It is an entrance-level training programme for the employees who have recently been a part of the company. Six Sigma Yellow Belt provides certification of a basic level of knowledge regarding the working and jargon administration with six sigma. For dedicated leaders and professionals interested in long term development, they can opt for other levels up to six sigma courses. 

2.Six Sigma Green Belt Training 

It is a training programme for those professionals who have three years of work experience in a full-time job related to projects. The course of study involves a steep analysis of case study to manifest the six sigma tools. Six Sigma Green Belt educators work on five things- Explain, Measure, Manifest, Progress, and Control. 

3. Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Professionals choosing a career in leadership development basically go for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. The course for Black Belt Certification provides more exact knowledge of Six Sigma implementation. Besides, they will also need to display skills at quality level to intensify improvement challenges. 

4. Six Sigma Masters Black Training

Six Sigma Masters Black Training involves a high level of elaborated applications of Six Sigma tools. Professionalism certified in Six Sigma Masters Black Training is necessary to advise other professionals and create advanced projects for the longer availability of the business projects. 

How is the Course Beneficial for Career Development and Organisation? 

  • Reparation to consumers: The methodology of six sigma provides improved quality of ready products. As a result, it leads to consumer satisfaction and earning of consumers’ loyalty. 
  • Provides employer satisfaction: It provides benefits to employees for clarifying and standardizing the messages. It enhances the relationship between employees to give better results. 
  • Helps in improving management and leadership qualities: With the learning of improvised te techniques and know-how to manage the finance and increase profitability which makes a good leader. 
  • Outstanding salary: As per the surveillance conducted by Indeed.com, the salary for Six Sigma certified professionals is in $100,000+ payment. They are among the top paid employees. 

Why You Should Pursue the Green Belt Course? 

With the Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of a multitude of job opportunities. The certification of Six Sigma holds considerable weight in the business world and can provide good jobs to employees in well renowned organizations. 

It opens a position for an advanced level of managerial skills to get the top leading part of any huge company. Moreover, it helps you get a respected high payment job globally. 


We hope this article has been helpful in enabling you to understand the importance of the Green Belt Course. The course is very beneficial for dedicated employees who are ready to add on advanced managerial skills to be part of the increasing profitability of an organization.  

However, if you are a fresher or experienced candidate of the business, you should opt for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training to gain more knowledge and for the betterment of your career in the business world.