Why is Creta Class the Best Learning App for Kids?

Creta Class

Creta Class

With most industries leaning towards digitalization today, the education sector is also making a big leap towards the online world. And this can be an excellent opportunity for children to advance their learning skills. However, even though parents want the best for their children, it can be overwhelming for most parents to rely on online learning platforms. This is where advanced educational apps like Creta Class India come into play. It is an app that has it all to help your child make the most of online learning, and here’s why.

Understanding Why Creta Class is the Best

Creta Class won the best learning app for kids credit by International Education Awards 2022 that focuses on developing math skills with practice. As an award-winning education platform, it offers a wide range of engaging and interactive content. The app is designed to improve the mathematics and English language skills of children aged 3-8 years old.

It uses technology to provide a mathematics educational program that is fun, engaging, and safe for young learners. The course features engaging animations and interactive exercises, 240 lessons, 1,200 animation videos, over 2,300 interactive activities, and a systematic curriculum that is interest-driven to help kids establish systematic knowledge through progressive learning pathways.

Features of the Creta Class App That Make It Unique

Cutting-Edge Technology

Creta Class utilizes the latest technology to provide a mathematics education program that is both fun and engaging for young learners. The program features interactive animations and hands-on exercises that are supported by AI technology to ensure a maximum level of immersion and engagement. This technology allows children to interact with the material more dynamically and intuitively, making it easier for them to understand and retain information.

Syllabus Covers a Wide Range of Areas

The syllabus for Creta Class covers a wide range of areas, including number concepts, operations, shapes, space, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that children are exposed to all the key areas of math they need to know, giving them a solid foundation to build their future math studies.

Short Lessons

One of the unique features of Creta Class is that the lessons are only 15 minutes long. This approach allows children to focus on short bursts of learning and commit their tasks to long-term memory, giving them a solid foundation to support their future math studies. Children’s short attention span and memorizing nature will be reduced as they are more attracted to logical thinking and concept building with this approach.

Award-winning Platform

Creta Class has recently been recognized with International Education Awards 2022 . Along with it, Creta Class also has been authorized by the Mom’s Choice Award and the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award for its innovative and practical approach to remote and application-based mathematics teaching. This recognition highlights the high quality of the app and the effectiveness of the methods it uses to teach math to children.

Engaging and Interactive

Creta Class features engaging animations and interactive exercises that keep children engaged and help them to learn better. The instant feedback with the 3 stars credit system after each lesson enhances kids’ learning progress and gives them encouragement directly. This exciting and interactive method can keep children motivated and make learning math an enjoyable experience for them, improving their retention of the material.

Video Lessons in English

The short video lessons on math are in English. Kids start learning math and English from a very young age. They must get into the habit of conversing in English to be fluent. This is achieved with the help of the math learning app Creta Class. The unique storytelling approach adopted by Creta Class is highly effective in clearing the basic concepts for children, and it helps improve their language and listening skills.

Safe to Use

Creta Class is designed to be a safe and secure learning environment for children. The app only includes age-appropriate content, so parents can be assured that their children will not be exposed to inappropriate material.

Additionally, there are no in-app purchases and external links, which help to keep children safe from potential online dangers. The parent dashboard allows parents to set up controls to monitor their child’s app usage and limit their time spent on it. The app takes data privacy seriously and does not collect or share any personal information from children. It does not include chat or communication features, eliminating the risk of cyberbullying or other unwanted communication.

All these features make Creta Class a safe and secure learning environment for children and give parents the peace of mind that their children are not exposed to any potential online dangers while learning.


Creta Class India is an award-winning online learning app that focuses on developing math skills with practice. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and offers a comprehensive education that covers all the key areas children need to know. The program is fun, engaging, and interactive and offers 1-on-1 Tutoring.

It’s been recognized by the International Education Awards 2022, 2022 Mom’s Choice Award and the Spring 2022 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, making it a top choice for parents who want the best for their children’s education. Creta Class is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to engage your children in learning. Click here to visit the official website.