Why Does Your Business Need A Capacity Statement?  



Did you ever submit documents for your organisation? Have you been asked to submit a capacity statement? Has this happened several times, and it keeps you in awe why you need a capacity statement? Have you heard about a capacity statement, but you don’t know how it contributes to growth? This piece will enlighten you on what a capacity statement entails and why it is important to your business.

What is a capacity statement?

A capacity statement is a clear and expert-written statement that serves as a communication means for an organisation. A capacity statement presents your achievements, business credentials, accreditations, and competencies in one professionally written and detailed document. It is simply how concisely and swiftly you can tell what your business does and, most importantly, what the clients stand to gain.

Why is it important to your business?

You might have caught a glimpse of why you need a capacity statement from the definition given above, but that doesn’t explain it all. Your business or organisation should have a capacity statement. Its main purpose is to clearly and essentially convey adequate Information about your business and business efficiency and ability to customers, stakeholders, employees, suppliers, and partners. A capacity statement is essential because it supplies the target audience with certain Information regarding your business that will help them take the bold step as to whether they’ll be doing business with your organisation or not.

A well-written and persuasive capacity statement distinguishes your organisation from your contender to help strengthen your business image and value proposition in the consciousness of potential and existing customers. It is important to attach a capacity statement when attracting a new client. It also helps to respond to a request to tender.

How to prepare a capacity statement

Since you’ve figured out the importance of a capacity statement, the next thing is how to write it. Writing a capacity statement can take a lot of time and energy, and if not carefully written, it might not convince the target audience. That is why it is better to employ the help of a professional copywriter to do this. A well-written capacity statement must include important content that will always compel appealing graphics that can land you your next contract. How and where you want to use a capacity statement, and your target determines its volume.

If you are writing the capacity statement of your business yourself, then it should include your contact details, company profile, details about all completed jobs, your major client, and core competencies. In addition, a vivid description of your goods and services, areas of competence and expertise, and who is in your management team and their expertise should also be included. The following tips will help you draft your capacity statement properly and convince your target audience.

  • Use the appropriate terminology and language for your target audience. For example, you might wife different copies of a capacity statement depending on your audience.
  • Write specifically for your audience; include every necessary details they need to know about your organisation.
  • Expatiate on the benefits and characteristics of your business and how you can help tackle customers’ problems.
  • Keep the capacity statement simple.
  • Check out your first draft and give it to others to help you check out
  • Add graphics to emphasise your brand values.


If you know you cannot go through the stress of writing a capacity statement, you should employ the services of a copywriter. Whether you are writing it by yourself or a professional is doing that on your behalf, a capacity statement is a must-have that should back up all your documents to prove your competence and capability.