Why Do You Need to Use a Proxy on Your Smartphone?  



With the help of a mobile proxy, your world will become wider than before. If you’re already using proxies on your computer or laptop, you know how useful they can be. However, if you’re new to this concept, you’ll be surprised to find out all the ways they can improve your internet experience on your smartphone.

Understanding Mobile Proxies

Using proxies for your smartphone may sound too complicated, but it’s the opposite. It’s simple and easy, and the benefits you’ll gain are priceless. Before we discuss reasons to use them, we’ll first explain what mobile proxies are.

What Are Mobile Proxies?

Obviously, mobile proxies are proxies for mobile devices. But what are proxies? Proxies are intermediary servers that connect you to other servers on the internet via a different IP address. They function as a middleman between your system and the sites you want to visit.

So mobile proxies are proxy servers that use only mobile IP addresses from ISPs. Just as there are 3G and 4G technologies on mobile phones, there are also 3G and G4 proxies, the latter providing a faster browsing experience. In fact, 4G proxies are considered the best mobile proxies on the market.

The major difference between them and standard proxies is the level of trust. In general, mobile proxies are more trustworthy than standard proxies, so they are almost never blocked by websites and apps. If you want to check out their availability, you can use this website info.

Reasons to Use Mobile Proxies

Now that you know what mobile proxies are, let’s see their most common use cases.

  • Protecting your identity

A good mobile proxy can help you avoid hackers, scammers, and crooks phishing for data. It functions as a barrier between your smartphone’s IP address and your online activity.

Like any other internet user, you have plenty of personal data stored online which can be abused by hackers to find out your banking or credit card information. But, mobile proxies are here to protect you from data and identity theft.

With them, you can rest assured you’re accessing any site anonymously and finally stop worrying about security issues when entering your shipping information on eCommerce sites or accessing baking information on apps.

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

A lot of sites, apps, and games may not be available in your country. Whether that’s because your government has blocked them for various reasons, or the sites or apps have geographic barriers that don’t allow you to access certain content, it’s equally annoying.

With a mobile proxy, you can connect to whatever site, game, or app you want without worrying about geo-blocking. A good proxy provider will have mobile proxies from multiple countries in the world, allowing you to choose proxies from the location you need.

This way, you can access any site or app on your smartphone and use it as a resident of the chosen location.

  • Getting around website blocks

Many sites and games can ban your IP address for reasons known or unknown to you. For example, if you’re playing a game with a bot, you’ll probably get banned because most games don’t allow bots. But sometimes, the site or game may ban your IP address accidentally.

Whatever the reason for your IP ban, it can cause you a lot of problems. Luckily, you can bypass the website block with a mobile proxy. This way, you’ll be using another IP address that’s not the one banned by the site.

  • Managing multiple social media accounts

Mobile proxies are extremely useful for social media managers. Since they need a lot more accounts than social media platforms allow them to have on a single smartphone, they won’t be able to do their job without proxies.

If they try to open and manage more accounts than they are allowed to, they will get blocked. But, if they use a different IP address to open and run each account, they will hide the fact that all those accounts are operated by one user. The easiest way to do that is with mobile proxies.

In Conclusion

Not only do mobile proxies improve your internet experience, but they also make it more secure. They protect your identity and allow you to bypass geo-blocking, website blocks, and manage multiple social media accounts.