Why Digital Marketers Move To Asia

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Digital Marketer

China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore may be the most popular Asian countries. Still, there is a lot more to the continent made up of 48 countries. So it is no surprise that Asia has become a popular hub for many digital marketers. Countries like Cambodia have many co-working spaces perfect for the average digital marketer, including the foodie paradise in Malaysia and the beachside hammocks in Thailand.

Many digital marketers are freelancers or digital nomads who are always searching for safe places to work from. In addition, Asia has the appeal of local attractions, low cost of living, including the average mobile Internet data transfer speed.

According to professional movers at SDC International, here is why digital marketers move to Asia.

Affordable Cost Of Living

Many sell digital nomadism as ”work while you travel,” but it is more about working remotely for many digital marketers. The first factor most digital marketers consider before relocating to a place is the cost of living. Asia’s cost of living is comparatively cheap. It is one reason thousands of digital marketers flock there every year.

However, note that not all Asian countries are cheap. For example, the cost of living in Hong Kong and Singapore is incredibly high, and you will need to have a well-paying job to live comfortably in these places. On the other hand, many countries in Southeast Asia like Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos are the top picks for many digital marketers. It is possible to live on $10 or less every day in a country like Timor-Leste.

Affordable Healthcare

Unless you have health insurance or living in a country where healthcare is entirely free, we know firsthand how expensive healthcare can be. According to the OECD, Asian economies spend just over USD 730 per person per year on health, against USD 3 510 in OECD countries.

This amounts to over 4.6% of the gross domestic product in the Asian region, on average, compared to 9.3% in OECD countries. Any digital marketer/nomad without a stable income can afford to see a doctor without insurance. Medications like over-the-counter antibiotics and birth control pills can be bought for $5 or less.

Easily Accessible Regions

It is easy to be anywhere at any time at meager prices. In addition, transportation in many Southeast Asian countries is affordable and accessible. As a result, it is pretty easy to move around and travel within the region. For example, in places like Bangkok, you can hop on a train and spend as little as $20 on getting to a tropical beach in no time.

Many digital marketers love Asia because of their advanced transportation system coupled with the fact that they will not be spending a considerable chunk of their budget on moving around. Furthermore, SEA countries provide easy access through their borders. In addition, SEA is composed of many bordering countries, so it is easy to jump from one country to another by simply taking a train, bus, or ferry.

Network Opportunities

Digital marketers have not been ones to turn down a good opportunity, especially when there are many in Asia. Many Asian countries’ economies have been steadily rising over the past decades, meaning advancing technology, industry, and business. As a result, many digital marketers easily find employment with local entrepreneurs and international companies.

Recent studies show that digital marketing managers in Asia earn the highest income per annum compared to other continents worldwide. According to statistics, in 2020, the best country for digital marketers was Japan, where a manager can earn a staggering £58,443 on average. Second on the list was China, where the average digital marketing manager makes £56,443. The USA took the third spot, with American digital marketers taking home approximately £55,949 each year.

It is not just digital marketers moving to Asia. There has been a steady increase in migration to the continent ever since the ban on traveling during the pandemic was lifted. We can only assume it is because of the vibrant culture, the inexpensive lifestyle, the dumplings, and noodles, or to network and establish a business.