What to Pack First When Moving

The day of your move is fast approaching, but you haven’t started packing yet. If you find yourself stalling, perhaps it’s because you don’t know where to start with packing. Keep reading, and we will tell you the first things that you should pack first when you move to help you get on track.

Items in Storage

Whether stored in your garage, walk-in closet, or a storage unit, it is recommended to start with your possessions in storage. These objects are convenient to pack because they are most likely put in boxes and are ready to be loaded into the moving truck at any time. Before you seal the box, make sure to remove any items that you no longer want or need to maximize space. The fewer items you bring to your new place, the better.

Off-Season Clothes

Similar to the items in storage, off-season clothes are easy to pack because they are most probably kept in boxes. On top of that, you don’t need these clothing pieces as soon as you relocate to your new home, so they can be stored in boxes for several months. On the first day of packing, you can kickstart by tackling these items to give you the momentum you need to complete the more challenging parts of packing.

Rarely Used Dishes

Chances are, you will not be holding dinner parties before leaving or during your first few days in your home. Hence, it is perfectly fine to keep china and other fancy dishes in a box until you have settled. Remember to practice caution when packing these items and label the boxes properly. You can also pack cookware and utensils that you don’t often use while you’re at it.

Artwork, Picture Frames, Wall Decorations

Wall hangings can be a great place to begin your packing project. While it can be challenging to pack these items, it can be a practical way to jumpstart the process. Aside from decorating your walls, artworks and picture frames do not serve other significant purposes. Which means it is acceptable to keep them in boxes ahead of time. Doing this can reduce the risk of you forgetting them on the day of the move.

Extra Towels and Linens

Linens and towels make good starters for packing when moving. When you are about to move, it is not a good idea to change your bed sheets or have a large pile of soiled towels. Make it a goal to have your laundry basket empty on the day of your move.


Pick the book or books that you want to read and keep accessible, and the rest goes into the box. Before you pack the books, make sure to return all borrowed books to where they belong, whether your friend or the library. You will be liable for their loss when you misplace them during your move.

Packing can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. With a little help and planning, you can get a good start, and you will realize that it is not too hard after all.