What to Consider When Buying Used Tires Online Canada

Used Tires

Used Tires

The advantage of buying used tires online Canada is that you can get quality ones at a lower price compared to if you bought new ones. However, there are several factors you should first consider when buying these tires. 

Some of the used tires will give you value for your buck. Even so, you ought not to compromise on the quality of the tire with the excuse that you are getting a second-hand one. Here at Tire Planet, we compiled a list of factors you should consider when shopping online for used tires in Canada.

  1. Ensure You Get The Best Quality

You might not know that you deserve a quality tire, whether you get it as a new tire or second-hand. First, ensure you check the tire’s age, which you will know by the writings on the sidewall. The date stamp is written in week/year format. 

  1. Buy Tires That Are Less Than Five Years

As rubber stays, it weakens. Old tires online Canada have a weaker rubber and are likely to tear up faster. As the expiry date approaches, the rubber rots and starts to deteriorate. Those exposed to UV rays are weaker because the radiation energy breaks some chemical bond on the rubber. This leads to the weakening of the tire, and it can fail at any time. 

  1. Pinch The Rubber To Test Its Integrity

Pinch a part of the sidewall, about 8 cm, to test the rubber. Look to see if there are signs of cracks, rotting, or discoloration. These signs indicate that the tire has stayed and can fail anytime. Do not buy such tires. 

  1. Look At The Tire Closely To Ensure They Don’t Have Pending Repairs. 

Used tires online can be tricky to buy because you don’t know where the faults are hidden. Check the inside to see if there are plugs and patches. Do not buy tires with patches because they can easily be injured again. 

If you want to compromise on such mistakes, then ask for a price reduction. The discount will be paying for the mistake you have seen. However, you should also have high expectations. Remember, you are buying a used tire. 

  1. Buy A Matching Set Of Tires

The front tires should be of the same size as the back ones too. Ensure the tires you buy have an area of the same size, with similar tread patterns and similar wear. They should also have the same height. Tires of different heights wear out quickly and are not safe to ride on. 

They can also cause accidents easily because they don’t have a perfect weight distribution. To know that a tire is well matched, look at its width to ensure it fits. It is also essential to get a tire with the same tire width. 

  1. How Are The Tread Wear Patterns? 

Do not buy a tire with bald spots or highly uneven wear. These tires online Canada will not last long and will also be poor when gripping. Also, ensure tires on both sides have similar tread wear to reduce chances of getting accidents. 

  1. Tread Depth

You can know the average depth using a depth gauge or a coin. You might want to get similar tires with the same tread depth. If that is not possible, get tires that have equal tread depth on each axle. 

  1. Buying A Single Tire

If you need just one tire, choose a second-hand one whose tread wear matches what you already have. Otherwise, your new tires should have more tread than the current ones. 

  1. Don’t Buy Tires With Uneven Wear Or Dry Rot. 

When you buy tires online Canada that are nearing their expiry date, you will not have them for long before their wear. Tires with uneven wear are tricky to ride on because they do not give enough traction. Those with dry rot can burst and cause accidents at any time. 

  1. Choose The Exact Tire You Are Replacing

Since your car has two similar tires on the rear, it should match with the one left if you replace one of the tires. Ensure the size, traction, and height also match. 

  1. Price

Price is also a key aspect to consider when shopping for used tires online. The amount you pay for second-hand tires online should not be the same as buying a new tire of the same type. After all, one of the main reasons you could be opting for used tires is that you want to spend less than you would for new tires.