What should you need to know about video watermarking?

What should you need to know about video watermarking?

What should you need to know about video watermarking?

Many videographers watermark their videos for two reasons: to prevent copyright infringement and/or to create an indelible mark. Watermarking videos was once seen as an effective way to prevent video theft and to protect copyright. There are videographers who still put their name in the center of each video (and even bigger). This way, if used, these videos will still show the name of their creator. However, the question to ask is whether putting a watermark on your video means protecting it, damaging it, or both. Applying the watermark and how to do it is your personal decision, and there is no right or wrong answer or standard to follow.

However, a watermark is not a perfect means of protecting a video. The technology allows you to remove the watermark quite easily. Skillful use of Visual Watermark software can certainly remove these watermarks, and in addition, people have misused copy and paste. With the spread of social networks, incorrect behavior of people has emerged. Copying and disseminating other people’s videos (which is theft) seems normal behavior, and no one pays any attention to it. It is also true that trying to protect small videos (at least for the press) may not be an effort to be faced with too much effort; however, when videos are disseminated, it would be appropriate (by those who spread) to also mention the name of the author. And this brings you to the real use of the watermark.

Building a successful branding

Branding is often a balance between who you are, what you want to do, and what audience you want to attract. And it is the users of the brand who determine the success of the brand, not its creator. It is something uncontrollable even if there are those who think the opposite,. However, many videographers don’t understand the intricacies of creating a business and related brand. Adding a watermark is the first step in building your brand as a videographer. The watermark is only a small aspect, although it should be done with the same care as you create a video. However, before that, a videographer should come up with a business plan. If you haven’t,

Being consistent is important.

The effect, the logo is the tip of the iceberg; it only serves to be recognized. It is everything else on your website or promotional material that makes the difference. A watermark certainly keeps your name attached to the video, no matter where it ends up. Smart videographers ensure that every branding on their videos is consistent with the appearance of their site/portfolio and their presence on social networks. It all serves to drive people to your site, and ideally, when they arrive, they find the same design. All this says: professional.

Be aware of your strength points (and weakness)

Let’s be aware that not everyone is good at typography, and moreover, given the ease of access to graphics programs and tons of fonts, it’s easy to choose something at random. One of the most common mistakes, then, is to think that your logo must be truly special and distinctive, a unique thing. Of course, you shouldn’t ape the choices of others, but you could certainly use them as inspiration.

Keep it simple, and don’t try to say too much.

To me, a watermark should be minimal and elegant. Be careful with the colors, the choice of font, and iconography. Avoid anything that might distract the viewer from the video. Create something clean, classic, and legible; you no longer have, as in the past, the obligation to say something about the technical aspects of your work. But be sure to include relevant information. If you have a very ordinary name, include your site URL, for example. Watermarking in a sophisticated, designer way means that your video can be found; it doesn’t get drowned by others.

Conclusion: Watermarking your videos has never been easier. Visual Watermark software, then, offers you the way to watermark the video in a really fast way. This way, no one can claim your video as their property to generate money or use it for other wrong purposes. This still video can be a logo or plain text. People generally use it for advertising purposes as well. A watermark can stand in the center of the screen, at the bottom, or even in the corner. It can be opaque, but a clear branding is recommended so as not to obstruct the video viewing.